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Tips For Clean Eating During The Holidays


Make the healthiest look the tastiest.

It’s not a magic trick, and it doesn’t take the flare of a master chef. When you treat your side dishes with the care of the main course, you’ll watch everyone’s plates fill up with food that’s good for them without anyone even realizing it. Okay, maybe it is magic!


Go Whole Grain All the Way.

Often, a dish that’s notoriously unhealthy can be made healthy with some small tweaks, particularly in the carbs department. The bread used for stuffing and the grains used for rice are common culprits. And don’t be afraid to make dishes with quinoa and whole-grain barley, two of the healthiest grains you can eat.


Vegetables Are Colorful. Use Them!

Add brightly-colored veggies to any dish to give them some eye-catching appeal. Not only will people be attracted to the colors, veggies add tons of nutrients and make the dishes more filling. In fact, just roasting up some random vegetables with a bit of olive oil is a viable side dish in and of itself!


Bite-sized can be the right size.

Not only can you limit the number of calories for every individual finger food, everyone loves popping cocktail appetizers into their mouths. That’s just fact. In the end, others will enjoy healthy bites, and you’ll be able to easily keep track of your caloric intake.

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