Paula Abdul head shot

If you want to eat healthier, @zenfoods has a plan for you. Their in-house nutritionists and amazing chefs prepared a wonderful variety of cold-pressed juices and meals for me. The chefs are incredible, and it takes all the effort out of my busy lifestyle. It’s as good as when you sit down at the restaurant eating really great food. As a dancer, it’s important for me to eat the right foods and stay in shape. I’m feeling my best and so happy to be a part of this program!

Paula Abdul
Singer/dancer/choreographer/actress/television personality

Marlee Matlin headshot

Z.E.N. Foods meal delivery service got me here. Their meals are great for people with busy schedule like me, and they’re healthy AND delicious. PS. I have sweet tooth and their desserts are to die for!

Marlee Matlin

Jaime King headshot

Z.E.N. Foods has been an absolute game changer for me and my family. I have tried nearly every home delivery service available here in Los Angeles. From the first week we started receiving Z.E.N. Foods, I knew this was a perfect fit. They really understand how to care for everyone in my family, our individual needs and preferences. Every meal is tailored to both adults and kids, the quality is consistent with nutritious organic whole foods, and everything is absolutely delicious! As a busy working mother, actor and filmmaker, having a quality family time and being able to focus on my work is not an easy balance. Z.E.N. Foods freed up so much of my time and energy that I can now play with my children while maintaining a healthy, strong body for my active lifestyle and demanding roles.

I am truly grateful for this company. Happy eating!

Jaime King

Check out the trailer for Netflix’s series “Black Summer”, starring Kaime King, deduting on 4/11/2019.

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Many women undertake some sort of diet and exercise regimen in preparation for their weddings. Often, however, these home made programs are too restrictive leaving brides feeling irritable and looking lethargic on their big day. Z.E.N. Foods provides a healthy and delicious way for brides to slim down without depleting the energy they’ll need. The nutritionally balanced food plans slim the body while providing the vitamins and minerals for skin, hair and nails to look their best. Plus, the Z.E.N. Foods program is incredibly easy. Delicious, customized foods are delivered right to the door in convenient containers that can be taken anywhere a busy bride-to-be needs to go.

Ann Merin
Beauty Expert & Host of TLCs Wedding Day Makeover

Jesse Tyler Ferguso headshot

With the help of Z.E.N. Foods I was able to continue eating healthy delicious meals even when my schedule became extremely busy.

Jesse Tyler Ferguson
Emmy nominated Actor from from the Emmy winning show Modern Family

If you’re at all like me, you know the frustration of exercising like a maniac, eating like a bird, and STILL struggling to maintain an ideal weight. That maddening cycle only changed for me with the help of the Z.E.N. program. It was the missing piece of the puzzle! With the help of the amazing people at Z.E.N. who created a fresh, healthy menu to suit my lifestyle, I’ve finally broken that barrier and said goodbye to those last few unwanted pounds*. I know only this, it wouldn’t have happened without their help. Thank you Z.E.N. Foods!

Chris Bauer
Actor, “Andy Bellefleur” from True Blood

Scott Porter headshot

Z.E.N. Foods has helped me get right for three straight roles in film and television, but it’s done more than that. It’s helped me get my life back on a healthy track as well. It really is Zero Effort and with their customizable menu tailored specifically for me, each meal was a can’t miss. Thank you to everyone over at David Allen and Z.E.N. Foods!

Scott Porter

Gunnar Peterson headshot

Dialing in your physique is more than just training hard. It’s also watching your food intake – Quality, quantity and timing all play a part. It’s hard to manage all of that when you’re a working actor being pulled in 25 different directions. Z.E.N. Foods is a high end, but affordable food delivery service. The quality is great, quantity is controlled, and the meals are packed in individual containers so the timing is handled. With this service it’s easy to take care of you’re physique as well as hectic schedules!

Gunnar Peterson
Celebrity Trainer

Zac Efron headshot

Working with Z.E.N. Foods and David Allen Nutrition was amazing! Your expertise and fresh, healthy meals helped me put on the lean muscle required for my role as a US Marine in “THE LUCKY ONE.” It was really easy to stick to your program, as all of the meals are delicious, and delivered fresh every day, they even delivered to me on location. It was exactly what I needed and continues to keep me on the right track.

Zac Efron

Denise Richards headshot

Z.E.N. Foods is the perfect fit for me. I receive my vegetarian meals from Z.E.N. that are absolutely delicious, balanced and calorie controlled, just the way I like it. Z.E.N. Foods is a positive addition to my fitness focus and routine.

Denise Richards

Ashley Hamilton headshot

I’ve tried every diet and a lot of home delivery services… none of them can touch Z.E.N. Foods. I used Z.E.N. Foods while getting in shape for my role in the new Marvel comics blockbuster film. Z.E.N. Foods makes eating right taste great and that is hard to do. Not only is the food delicious but also filling. I could have never gotten my six-packs without Z.E.N. Foods, ever. I’ve always trained hard but could never do the food right to stop my craving for sugar and get results like this. Z.E.N. makes it easy to follow and you don’t have to spend your day preoccupied with what you are going to eat or not eat – it’s truly amazing! Z.E.N. Foods is better than most places I dine at in LA. I’m not only enjoying the results but the Z.E.N. journey!

Ashley Hamilton
Actor, Musician, Comedian
Los Angeles, CA

Carrie Ann Moss headshot

Z.E.N. Foods delivery service has helped me so much to lose the last of my baby weight*. The food is delicious the service is great and being able to let go of figuring out how to eat was a great relief. It is a serious treat having Z.E.N. Foods and one I would recommend highly.


Carrie Ann Moss

Vanessa Hudgens headshot

With my crazy hectic life style, it’s always such a relief having David Allen to help keep my body healthy and feeling great using Z.E.N. Foods. I’m so thankful there’s a service like Z.E.N. Foods that tastes GREAT and makes it so easy to eat right.

Vanessa Hudgens
Actress, Singer, Dancer
Los Angeles, CA

Shannon Tweed headshot

Z.E.N. Foods is so convenient and helps keep me on track with eating healthy and being so busy and on the go. I used Z.E.N. Foods while getting and staying in shape leading up to our wedding… The food is delicious and balanced and allows me to keep in stride with my hectic schedule without worrying about eating healthy.

Shannon Tweed
Los Angeles, CA

Haylie Duff headshot

Z.E.N. Foods makes eating healthy so easy, and it’s great for fine tuning my body for the upcoming projects! I have loved the food and will do this for every film.

Haylie Duff
Actress, Singer, Songwriter, Producer

Kris Jenner headshot

Z.E.N. Foods makes it easy to get fresh, delicious food while going in 150 different directions. I love the convenience of being able to have my meals with me either when I’m filming or on the road with my girls.

Kris Jenner
Television personality, Businesswoman

Apollonia Kotero headshot

Every meal is perfect. An amazing menu. A great surprise everyday. I feel terrific thanks to the thought & care of every meal prepared just for me. Thank you kindly for the lovely experience:)

Apollonia Kotero
Singer, actress, model, designer, talent manager

Kevin Frazier headshot

I was always told, that if i wanted to lose weight, eating was 90% and the gym was 10. I was never a believer until Z.E.N. Foods. As men we are so used to eating what we want, and burning it off, but then you start to get a little older… Z.E.N. has completely changed the way I look at eating. It has made the most amazing difference in the food I eat. This combined with a little extra work in the gym has made a complete and 100% difference in my life. Guys, if your wife notices, then you know your doing something right. I gotta give all the credit to Z.E.N. Foods.

Kevin Frazier
Host, CBS’ The Insider/FOX Sports
Los Angeles, CA

Michael Welch headshot

In my attempt to get in shape, it became clear early on that no matter how hard I exercised, how many protein shakes I drank, or supplements I took, I was NEVER going to get the results I wanted without a targeted diet. And with my busy schedule, I couldn’t have done it without Z.E.N. Foods. Z.E.N. delivers fresh, healthy, ready to eat, DELICIOUS meals right to your door every day. They work with you, one on one, to help you achieve your goals by providing top of the line fitness and nutritional information, assessing your situation, and catering to your needs. A plan is designed specifically for YOU, based on your personal work with a friendly, helpful, and informative representative. I couldn’t be happier with this service and I would highly recommend it to anyone and everyone. Several of my friends have tried it, based on my referral, and I haven’t heard a bad word yet. Put simply, this is THE premiere food delivery service in LA for health conscious, on-the-go people, committed to a healthy lifestyle, but unwilling to sacrifice the joy of a delicious meal. Zen is the best!

Michael Welch

Shay Mitchell headshot

Having Z.E.N. FOODS delivered outside my door every morning with my meals for the day helps me meet my nutritional goals. It’s comforting knowing that I don’t have to worry about what I will eat for the day and everything is proportioned and healthy.

Shay Mitchell
ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars

Jamie Kennedy headshot

Z.E.N. Foods is everything food delivery should be. On my doorstep, ready to eat when I want it, and tastes so good that now I’d rather eat in.

Jamie Kennedy
Actor – Comedian

Stephanie Vitorino headshot

I am in awe of the food! My body is my business card, and Z.E.N. Foods has taken my body to a whole new level. Sculpting bodies is my business, and if you want to take your body to a whole new level you should call Z.E.N. Foods. I love the food, and also the way it helped me get into the best shape of my life!

Stephanie Vitorino
Nationally Certified Fitness Professional

Ellen Leyva headshot

Thank you for making my life so much easier! The meals are delicious and satisfying. I’m always on the go and it’s so hard to eat healthy when you have minutes to get out the door. Z.E.N. Foods definitely made me feel more Zen about my busy life!

Ellen Leyva
co-anchor for ABC7 Eyewitness News

David Lipper headshot

I noticed I had joined the ranks of the “chunky” category, when I decided to start my Z.E.N. Foods meal plan. The love handles were growing and my belly could no longer hide behind my shirts. In just one month of being on the Z.E.N. Foods plan, I completely lost the gut* and could start tucking those shirts in once again. 6 months later I’m still on the food. I’ve come to appreciate the delivery service. As a single busy guy, I’m not spending hours in the kitchen or at the supermarket. I tend to order in. This service has given me the luxury of having my own personal chef, at what costs me less than what I was spending ordering take out and going to restaurants. Thanks Z.E.N.!

David Lipper

photo of Holly Robinson and Rodney Peete

We savour the delicious, healthy and fresh ingredients of our Z.E.N. Foods meals. It can be so difficult to slow down and eat right while keeping up with four kids! Z.E.N. Foods keeps us on the right nutritional track.

Holly Robinson and Rodney Peete
Los Angeles, CA

Kevin Eubanks headshot

I take my eating habits very seriously and it is a comfort to know that Z.E.N. foods provides good tasting, healthy food. Simple, delicious, worry free meals delivered to my door? Oh yeah, I’ll take it every time!

Kevin Eubanks
Musician/TV Personality

Shanna Moakler headshot

I have tried many fresh food service companies and Z.E.N. Foods for me has been the BEST! Great service, delicious healthy food, and perfect portions. I never felt hungry and I reached my goal weight!

Shanna Moakler
Actress, Model, Reality television celebrity

Thank you to the team of ZEN Foods for helping me get healthy, lean, get my blood pressure down, and help me better about myself than I’ve ever felt in my life. Not only am I not heavy anymore, and I’m not struggling with my weight and my food, but I actually feel beautiful and sexy. And that feels amazing!

Kim Clevenger

Before: 168 lbs, 33-34 in waist

I was active but not determined or focused. I had no real desire to be “fit”. I struggled with just eating and drinking whatever I wanted and not focusing on what I was putting into my body. Thereby carrying around lots of extra weight and unhappiness to boot. A couple life changes occurred, which encouraged me to take a look at my health and fitness. Then I made the call to Z.E.N. Foods for a meal program to help adjust to my new mind-set and lifestyle.

Fast Forward…

After: 152 lbs, 30 in waist*

I started off on the daily ZEN Foods delivery program and focused on my mind-set and routine. Going from eating whatever I wanted to a strict small portion, low calorie, and high protein diet was a serious change and major adjustment. However, you quickly realize the benefits when adding in a regular workout routine. Also, drink water, cut out sodas, sugars, salts, and keep on the regiment. I feel so much healthier, lighter, happier, and fit for sure. My body is not bloated and I’m not carrying the toxins that used to slow me down. My workout really consists of 3-4 days of cardio and lots of push-ups and sit-ups. Once you start to see results, it becomes second nature and easy to maintain. I’m lean, fit, and have low body fat now. It feels great!

I love ZEN Foods! I hope this is inspirational to you and other clients.

Eugene Ridenour

Photo of Deborah before ZEN Foods

photo of Deborah after ZEN Foods

I could not be happier. I had gained 50 lbs over the course of 2 years and I could not get motivated to lose the weight. I saw an ad in my local newspaper about Z.E.N. Foods… I was drawn to the quality of food and picked up the phone and called. Joe took the time to tell me about the program in great detail. I spoke to him about my concerns for too much sodium and he assured me the plan will be detailed for me. That day I signed up and my food began on July 6. I could not believe how easy and delicious this program was. I was full and I was watching the pounds fall off me.

I signed up for one month then added two more. I am happy to tell you I lost 30 Pounds in 3 Months*!!! And I did not even have to think about it… I would like to lose another 20 pounds but I am over half way there. And I will let you all in on a secret… I have lost 30 pounds without exercising. I will admit it, I am not a fan of working out… but now that I lost so much weight, I am actually feeling inspired to hit the gym… who am I?? All kidding a side I am one happy and much thinner person because of Z.E.N.

Z.E.N. staff is very professional and really worked with me on the menu items. The food comes packaged beautiful and sometimes garnished with a fresh flower. That makes me smile. So thank you to Z.E.N. Foods, the chefs and Joe for making this all happen for me.


Photo of Fred Ascher before ZEN Foods

Photo of Fred Ascher after ZEN Foods

Together with an exercise and cardio regimen, Z.E.N. Foods has given me an amazing transformation that I never would have believed possible. If it is true that “you are what you eat,” then Z.E.N. Foods has replaced a high fat, high sodium, fast food diet with one that is nutritionally balanced, wholesome and filling. I’m never going back!

Fred Ascher
Z.E.N. Client
Los Angeles, CA

Z.E.N. Foods has been a terrific addition to my medical practice. I recommend Z.E.N. Foods to my patients who want to lose weight and make positive lifesylte changes. I suggest it and know my patients are getting the best, healthy, fresh food available. My family are all on the Z.E.N. program.

Dr. Richard Cain
Encino, CA

Have you ever wanted to hire your own gourmet chef? Have you ever wanted to have a nutritionist oversee your food selection to be sure it is nutritionally sound and calorically appropriate for your body weight or the body weight you want to achieve? Well, that’s Z.E.N. Foods. Having recently started a Z.E.N. Food program, I must say that it has not met but exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend the program.

Dr. Robert Stein
UCLA School of Medicine
Los Angeles, CA

As the author of 19 books on customer service and business excellence, I feel qualified to testify that Z.E.N. Foods is an outstanding company with extraordinary quality food and equally good customer service. I have used other companies in the past but Z.E.N. is by far the best (not even close).

Michael Levine
Bestselling author

Rebounding from cancer treatments is a challenging enough experience, and then to know that getting as healthy as possible might mean the difference between recovery and recurrence, adds even more importance to nutrition. I feel so fortunate to have found Z.E.N. foods, as it takes the guess work out of what to eat when – and the quality, presentation and scrumptious taste of each and every meal makes eating a joy (again)! Thank you Z.E.N. Foods for the care you put into every packaged morsel!

Kimberly T.
So Cal

Everything is going great. Z.E.N. Foods is by far the best diet delivery program I have enjoyed to date! Great tasting food and more than enough to keep my blood sugar steady and feeling full.

Cynthia VanCleaze

As a slightly overweight and constantly working person, I needed something consistent and easy to help me look good for my wedding. Zen foods was convenient, easy to follow, and delicious and helped me lose 20 pounds* for my big day without affecting my daily life at all. I believe it is by far the easiest way to lose weight on the planet. All you have to do is open your door and eat what’s in the bag.

Michael Simkin
Assistant to Zac Efron
Los Angeles, CA

Z.E.N. program is GREAT for me. I really love it, the food has been delicious, and best of all it’s been really easy! I love that I don’t have to think about planning out my food, especially because I work long days and I am always on the go.

Kacie Lehner
Los Angeles, CA

June 3, 2011

To: Z.E.N. Foods

I’m writing to express my appreciation for the quality and service of the foods We have received over the last month; since starting our participation in your program. I admit that I was leery when my wife brought your plan to my attention; as we have tried a number of different diets over the years with results that never really had a lasting positive benefit for both of us. Far too often the food was both boring and poor tasting and often left me feeling hungry and drawn to look for something a little extra to get me through. For me once I start cheating it is difficult to stop and that eventually defeats the weight loss and kept me on the up and down cycles; which always have trended to greater overall weight being carried.

I am unable to eat onion and that too has made me avery poor candidate for virtually every commercial diet plan. Artificial sweeteners cause me to experience pretty severe migraine headaches and most of the pre-packaged diet foods use those. I also deal with gout due to a strong tendency to over eat red meat and am married to a fine lady who was never a fan of most fish, especially the oily ones and neVer liked the smell of them cooking in our home. I am a stress eater and grew up with a strong inclination to feast on ice cream at times on a daily basis.

Since starting on the Z.E.N. Food Program I have lost 25 pounds in the roughly one month time span that has passed. My blood pressure has dropped to where I was able with my doctor’s approval to cut in half the blood pressure medicine I was on. I have been doing some exercise but not on a regular a basis as I should; thus the weight drop is primarily due to the healthy benefit of eating the Z.E.N. Foods delivered. I have asked that certain items not be included and you have been almost perfect in meeting those requests and have made substitutions which are both tasty and are helping me to feel satisfied so that none of the temptations to add on has become an issue. We have fun every night opening our food delivery and seeing what has been prepared for us. We have determined to try the foods included even when some are foods we had never consumed previously. Almost every item has proven to be a pleasant discovery. We plan on sticking with your service as we get better educated as to the varieties of foods and portion, that will help keep us feeling healthy and free from the pull to eat too many straight meat & potato meals that allowed us to put on the extra pounds. My thanks for now and I will write again to share the progress.

Update as of 7/6/2011, reported by Neil’s wife Julia: Neil has lost 37 pounds*. Julia also lost 31 pounds*


Neil Williams
Castaic, California

I am recovering from inner ear surgery and not able to cook for myself right now. But let me just say how much I LOVE this service. Sure beats gross hospital food! I know Z.E.N. Foods focuses more on dieters or healthy people who are busy, but I’m here to tell you that this service is fantastic for someone like me, a single person recovering from surgery or an illness. When you’re healing, your body needs good nutrition more than ever, yet it’s a time when people are most likely to just order take out or eat processed junk because it’s easier. Not everyone has a mom or spouse around to cook healthy meals for them when they are sick, but we do have Z.E.N foods.

Thanks so much for helping me through this tough time!

Christa F.
Z.E.N. Client

I have done two other meal delivery programs before Z.E.N Foods and this is by far the best. I would love to take credit for being a 360 trainer but I actually work on the management team. The great thing about Z.E.N. is that it has successfully introduced new foods to my diet even for a picky eater like me. I love the food! Thanks for everything.

Kelly A.
360 Health Club
Reseda, CA

I just want to thank you for this wonderful experience. My food is so fresh and so well presented. I used to work for sunset magazine and food styling, and being a french, good food and presentation is very important to me.

Nicole Perzik

The food is amazing. I love it. I’ve tried every food delivery service for the past 10 yrs. This is by FAR, the best.


I’ve been on Z.E.N. Foods for less than a month and I’ve lost 20 lbs*. Z.E.N. really takes the thought process out of it, which is invaluable.

Collin B.
Founder of LA Body Tech
Los Angeles, CA

Things are going well and better than expected. Joining the Z.E.N. Foods program has been one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life. I continue to be amazed by the quality of the food. Every item seems to be of the highest selections. I think my biggest problem was skipping meals due to lack of time or stressing over what to eat. Now I find myself having extra time each day… Thank you Z.E.N. Foods!

Rossana Behr

I wanted to say that I am loving all the food and wish I could do this forever!

Vonna Kennon

The grilled shrimp rocks! As good as you would get at any 5 star restaurant! Could you make losing weight any easier?

Nicky Corbett

I am really enjoying the food. I always look forward to finding the bag outside our door every morning. The meat we had a few days ago was amazing. I don’t think I have ever had any better. I am paying attention to all the food and am learning to appreciate vegetables a lot more.

Francisco Behr

I am amazed I lost 24 lbs in 8 weeks*. I love the food and at age 52, I feel like I am 30 again. I have so much energy!

Katrina M.
Tarzana, CA

*Disclaimer: Z.E.N. Foods does not guarantee results, and weight loss results may vary between clients.

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programs for all lifestyles

weight loss

Lose weight the right way, with, calorie-controlled meals prepared fresh daily and delivered to your home.

Starts at $31.45 per day
+ delivery fee*

Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner entrées, a snack and one dessert delivered to your door daily.

healthy lifestyle

Eat clean and stay in shape with all natural meals prepared daily by expert chefs, and delivered to your home or office.

Starts at $31.45 per day
+ delivery fee*

Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner entrées, a snack and one dessert delivered to your door daily.

vegetarian select

Vegetarian Select program offers plenty of vegetarian and vegan entrées to keep your meals full of flavor and variety.

Starts at $55.95 per day
+ delivery fee*

Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner entrées, a snack and one dessert delivered to your door daily.

Juice Cleanse

Cold-pressed juice cleanses that help detox your body, reduce inflammation and build your immune system.

$75 per day
+ delivery fee*

6 cold-pressed jucies, made fresh and delivered to your door daily.

Spa Experience

Z.E.N. Spa Experience is designed to provide adequate nutrients and fiber while maximizing the detoxification of your body.

Starts at $90 per day
+ delivery fee*

6 cold pressed juices, one raw soup and a salad each day. Organic Turmeric Ginger Detox Tea and Himalayan Detox Bath Salt also included.