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How to Eat Healthy and Still Enjoy Food 

Woman happy to eat a healthy bowl of fruit and cereal.

One of the main reasons why people don’t like the thought of going on a diet is that they believe they’ll have to give up everything they enjoy eating. While that is one way to lose weight (if that’s your goal), healthy eating doesn’t necessarily mean preventing yourself from enjoying a good meal. You don’t have to resort to eating plain chicken breasts and celery every night for dinner. Sometimes, people need to learn how to eat healthfully and still enjoy their food, and that’s exactly what we are talking about here.

Begin Healthy Eating with A Quality Breakfast

Breakfast is regarded as the most important meal of the day. The problem is breakfast is often eaten in a rush, which means you walk out the door with a couple of granola bars and eat them on the way to work. The secret to eating a healthier breakfast may be to just wake up a few minutes earlier so you won’t have to rush. Enjoying a breakfast high in protein can help you feel fuller throughout the day. Healthy eating options can include a couple of scrambled eggs with spinach on the side or a banana with Greek yogurt. These are all healthy eating options to start your day on the right track.

Substitute Fats When Cooking

If you like cooking your own meals, you know fat is involved in a lot of recipes. Butter, shortening, vegetable oil, and other similar oils are common in recipes, but they aren’t the healthiest options. You can still enjoy a great-tasting home-cooked meal with a healthier alternative. Fats like almond butter, avocados, olive oil, flaxseed oil, and coconut oil and common substitutes. You won’t lose much when it comes to taste and you also won’t have to change your cooking style. And, you can feel much better knowing you can eat healthy without sacrificing the tastes you enjoy.

Eat The Right Types of Protein

Protein is an essential part of every diet. But when you’re learning how to eat healthily, you’ll realize there are good and bad types of protein. The good types of protein you can enjoy in a healthy diet include eggs, fish, lean ground beef, skinless chicken breasts, cottage cheese, lean ground turkey, and more. Proteins you may need to cut back on include processed meats, fried food, ground beef with high-fat content, bacon, and chicken skin. Some of these foods may be a sacrifice. However, you can get creative with your dishes to come up with tasty meals using the right types of protein.

Always Build In A Cheat Day

When you’ve committed to eating healthily, it’s strongly recommended to build in a cheat day once every couple of weeks, at least. Even a cheat day once per week won’t hurt your efforts as long as you’re diligent the other days. We all deserve to indulge in pizza or a hamburger occasionally, so don’t cut those items out completely. The idea is to make those types of items treats rather than normal meals. By limiting them, you’ll still be able to eat healthily and also have your cheat day to look forward to.

Z.E.N. Foods believes healthy eating should be a subtle change rather than a complete lifestyle change. Enjoying what you eat is very important when dieting. Our programs are designed to balance healthy eating with great-tasting food. For further information, please call us today at (310) 205-9368 to see which program is right for you.


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