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A woman is cooking with sustainable foods like pasta and vegetables.

How to Eat More Sustainably Without Having to Go Vegan

Our food choices can significantly impact the planet. As a result, more and more people are going vegan nowadays. After ...
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best foods to prevent and treat iron deficiency

Signs of Iron Deficiency and Best Foods to Boost Your Iron Levels 

Iron is a mineral that enables our bodies to perform essential functions. Our bodies cannot produce this mineral naturally, so ...
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collagen diet concept image

Collagen Diet: How to Boost Collagen Production Naturally

From injections to creams, there is a whole market of products that claim to boost collagen production. However, there are ...
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mom working out with her baby

Top Tips for Moms Who Want to Start Working Out Again 

After giving birth to a baby, it is normal to experience changes in the body. These changes include more than ...
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women drinking low-calorie cocktails

5 Low-Calorie Cocktails You’ll Love to Include in Your Diet 

Weight loss diets come with many restrictions. While observing those restrictions, most people prefer to reduce rather than eliminate alcohol ...
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women happy to have purchased vegetables to start her vegan diet

5 Things that Happen to Your Body When Going Vegan

Plenty of people are choosing vegan diets worldwide. Some chose veganism because of religious beliefs, others did so for environmental ...
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endometriosis diet that consists of healthy foods like salmon, bananas, berries, avocado, apples

Endometriosis Diet: Beginners Guide

Endometriosis is a chronic condition in which tissue that resembles the uterine lining grows outside the uterine cavity. While endometriosis ...
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woman stretching before working out to prevent muscle soreness

Train Smarter, Not Harder: Tips to Prevent and Relieve Muscle Soreness

When finishing up your workout routine, it is normal to feel sore muscles. After all, your muscles are the ones ...
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intermittent fasting concept image of clock with healthy foods

Intermittent Fasting: The Science Behind Why It Works

Intermittent fasting became popular among healthcare experts and wellness enthusiasts due to the benefits it provides. Regardless of its popularity, ...
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woman overeating at night caught up with burger on her hands while being in front of the fridge

Healthy Tips to Help You Stop Overeating

Overeating is when we consume more calories than are necessary for our bodies to function properly. However, if you are ...
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upset woman contemplating to change into healthy eating habits

Why Taking Healthy Eating Too Far Can Become Unhealthy

Healthy eating can provide us with many benefits, such as maintaining a healthy weight and preventing chronic illnesses. In fact, ...
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vegetarian foods made of soy

5 High-Protein Vegetarian Foods for Muscle Gain

Many people choose a vegetarian diet regimen because it's beneficial to their health and aligned with their values, such as ...
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Fruit salad in two plates and berries spilling out from jar onto the table

5 Creative Ways to Increase Your Fruit Intake

Whole fruits are excellent sources of fiber, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. All these components make fruits an essential component of ...
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supplements for those who are in a vegetarian diet

Vegetarian Diet for Beginners: What Supplements Do You Need to Take?

There are many benefits from being on a vegetarian diet. For instance, people whose diet is plant-based tend to have ...
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woman who is gluten intolerant rejecting bread

5 Signs You May Be Gluten Intolerant

About 1% of the population in the U.S. has celiac disease, a condition in which people are gluten intolerant. However, celiac ...
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woman stretching after completing workout routine outdoors

Ditching the Scale: Healthier Ways to Track Your Workout Progress 

When on a fitness journey, it is easy to develop a love-and-hate relationship with the scale. While the scale is ...
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Keto diet foods like eggs, berries, bacon, cheese and vegetables

Keto Diet: Is Restricting Calories Harmful?

The Keto diet’s popularity among those who are on a weight-loss journey has skyed-rocket in recent years. However, it is ...
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Food waste and trash can on blue background, concept of garbage sorting

Creative Ways to Stop Wasting Food 

Every year in the United States, Americans produce about 40 million tons of food waste.  Unfortunately, food waste is an ...
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woman choosing not to do a healthy diet by eating cupcakes instead of green apples

Signals Your Body Gives When You Are Eating Unhealthy

Obesity is a clear indicator that something may be wrong with your diet. However, being slim or not gaining weight ...
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woman tying shoelaces at gym to get ready to workout

5 Tips to Overcome Workout Boredom

You are on track with your fitness lifestyle, but are you suddenly no longer getting that excitement or joy from ...
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