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Woman drinking water and listening to music after working out to increase her stamina

5 Ways to Increase Your Stamina and Energy

Energy, strength, and the right mindset are crucial to sustaining activities for long periods. The combination of these factors is known as stamina. By developing stamina, we can carry out both physical and intellectual activities without wearing ourselves down. Stamina ...
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woman using towel on shoulders and holding water bottle after finishing workout routine

How to Stay Motivated and Committed to Your Workout Routine

It is no secret that engaging in a regular workout routine can bring outstanding benefits to your physical and mental health. However, even when we are aware of the benefits, it is hard to be consistent with a workout program ...
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salmon, avocado, egg, nuts, almonds, seeds, and greek yogurt are great foods to boost energy

10 Foods That Help Boost Your Energy Throughout the Day

When you’re lacking energy, you may find yourself inadvertently reaching for foods to perk you up. While you may feel that caffeine or carbohydrates can help, they will spike your blood sugar and make you crash after a short-lived burst ...
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Berries and spinach salad is an excellent example of foods that help with anxiety

5 Foods That Can Help Reduce Anxiety

Anxiety is a condition that causes people to experience symptoms of nervousness. Unfortunately, this is a condition that  affects millions of Americans. The main methods to treat anxiety are therapy and medications. However, did you know that your food choices ...
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Woman happy to eat a healthy bowl of fruit and cereal.

How to Eat Healthy and Still Enjoy Food 

One of the main reasons why people don’t like the thought of going on a diet is that they believe they’ll have to give up everything they enjoy eating. While that is one way to lose weight (if that’s your ...
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woman doing a morning stretch routing while sitting in her bed and wearing a gray tank top. Woman stretching her arms.

Morning Stretches to Jump Start Your Day

If you get out of bed with excitement every morning, you’re one of the very few who do so. No matter what you have planned for the day, it can be hard to get moving when the alarm goes off ...
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Food in containers to do a portion control diet. Meal prep meals. Healthy meals with rice, chickpeas, tomatoes.

10 Tips For a Healthy Portion Controlled Diet

People often seek the latest trends and fads when it comes to losing weight. Overindulging in food is common, and it takes some determination to practice portion control daily. A portion control diet is one of the most effective ways ...
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Woman eating healthy fruits and vegetables as part of her healthy skin diet.

5 Foods for Healthy and Happy Skin

Healthy skin often comes from within. You can use all the topical creams and anti-aging products you desire, but if you don’t focus on a healthy diet, you could be fighting an uphill battle. Foods like flour, sugar, and some ...
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processed foods and healthy foods

Processed Foods: Health Issues that Go Beyond Weight Management

To reach and maintain a healthy weight, many of us know that we need to follow a healthy diet and exercise regularly. We might also be aware of the negative effect that processed foods have on our weight, and we ...
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woman getting sleep quality through the day

Sleep Quality: Why Developing a Nighttime Routine Matters

When we don’t get enough sleep, we may become tired, irritable, and less productive. However, many of us who get the recommended 7 to 9 hours of sleep each night yet still suffer from fatigue throughout the day. Fatigue after ...
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gluten free diet of healthy foods like salmon olive oil, garlic, tomatoes, dark chocolate, avocado

Beginner’s Guide: How to Start a Gluten-Free Diet

Starting a new diet can be daunting and confusing. It may be especially difficult if the diet requires specific types of food, which a gluten-free diet requires, instead of simply cutting calories. When starting a new diet, it is important ...
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strawberries, berries, oranges, kiwis are good fruits for diabetics

Blood Sugar Management: Best Fruits for Diabetics to Have a Healthy Diet

If you have diabetes, you understand the importance of having a healthy diet and lifestyle. You have likely had to make many adjustments to your life, especially when it comes to the food that you eat. You may have been ...
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Selection of food that is rich in nutrients, rustic wood background

Food vs Supplements: What Is the Best Source of Nutrients

A nutrient-dense diet can benefit both physical and mental health. Therefore, the intake of high nutrient foods is crucial to maintaining good health as we age. According to the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, we should meet our nutritional requirements through ...
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Woman has heartburn symptoms in the garden

Healthy Foods to Help Reduce Heartburn Symptoms

Heartburn is a common but unpleasant condition that affects people worldwide. Americans are no exception to this condition. According to the American College of Gastroenterology, more than 60 million Americans experience heartburn symptoms at least once a month. Luckily, heartburn ...
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Healthy fruits and vegetables making up the shape of a heart

How to Improve Heart Health by Adding Fiber-Rich Foods to Your Diet

According to the American Heart Association, a diet with foods rich in nutrients and fiber is crucial to maintain good heart health. Fiber-rich diets can reduce the risk of developing coronary heart disease and stroke by 7% to 24%. These ...
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yoga stretches and poses

Yoga at Your Desk: 5-Minute Break to Relief Stress and Boost Productivity

While having an office job has its benefits, sitting for prolonged hours increases the risk of developing health issues. These issues include musculoskeletal conditions, obesity, and diabetes. A sedentary lifestyle can also lead to ovarian, prostate, endometrial, or colorectal cancer ...
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Benefits of exercise

How Exercise Promotes Productivity

Besides improving our physical health and helping us with weight management, exercise also provides essential benefits to our mental health. Exercise influences the structure and functioning of the brain, which is why physical activity is a crucial factor for improving ...
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woman emotional eating ice cream

Emotional Eating: What Is It and How to Stop It

According to the American Psychological Association (APA), about 27% of adults use emotional eating as a coping mechanism. Emotional eating is a physiological response towards dealing with difficult emotions through our diet choices and food intake. Let’s understand emotional eating, ...
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Foods to help your gut health

5 Foods to Improve Gut Health

The digestive tract is the home of “good” bacteria that helps us digest foods. In addition, this bacteria is also highly beneficial to other aspects of our physical and mental health. Our gut health and the production of bacteria in ...
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Keto Diet Program

Keto Diet: 10 Things You Should Know Before You Commit

The Keto diet has become a popular trend among wellness and health gurus. While the keto diet does provide health benefits, there are also implications to consider before committing to it. In this article, we will cover everything you need ...
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Food can impact your mood

Z.E.N. Foods – How Food Impacts Your Mood

There are many factors that influence mental illnesses. The food and mood connection has been acknowledged as one of the main factors behind the behavioral symptoms of such illnesses. In this article, we will discuss the importance of food towards ...
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