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high protein snacks

5 High Protein Snacks for Your Diet

If you’re like most people, you try to take good care of your body by eating healthy. But, there are times you crave for that bag of Cheetos, Doritos, Pringles, or Lays. The unfortunate truth is that many of these ...
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healthy eating

How to Maintain Healthy Eating While Dining Out

In a busy world that runs 24/7, eating out is part of our lives. It offers a fun way to try new foods and be social. The trouble is, it can be quite overwhelming to eat healthy when you are ...
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gluten-free diet

3 Health Benefits of a Gluten-Free Diet

A gluten-free diet tops the list of modern diet fads. From restaurants to supermarket stores, you’ll find many options labeled “gluten-free.” Simple as the name suggests, a gluten-free diet is one that does not include gluten. This is a type ...
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Alleviating Stress to Improve Your Health

Stress is the physical and mental reaction to what is happening in our lives. Everyone experiences this at some point in their life. Some stress can be necessary. For example, if there were cars whizzing by you there may be ...
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desk exercises

Desk Exercises for Your Office Job

We no longer walk to water, we don't make our own clothes, and we are often found hopping into the car to drive across town to meet friends for coffee. We are blessed with so many modern conveniences and benefits ...
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nutrition plan

How an Individualized Nutrition Plan Can Change Your Life

It is a tale as old as time. You get home from a long day at work; there is nothing in the refrigerator. You plop down on the couch with a full bag of pretzels, some weird mustard, and an ...
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paleo diet

Health Benefits of a Paleo Diet

If you are like most people, you have tried changing your diet on your own. Leaving out the cakes and cookies, foregoing the salad dressing and counting calories, trying to get to a target weight. Perhaps you have tried going ...
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Benefits of a Low-Sodium Diet

Benefits of a Low-Sodium Diet

Switching to a low-sodium diet has many health benefits. Salt is so commonly used in the typical American household, that it may be a surprise that many people should be using it more sparingly. Most Americans consume more sodium than ...
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bowls of oatmeal and yogurt with fruit on a table

Five Healthy Breakfast Options for People On The Go

Why is breakfast considered the most important meal of the day? Well, the reasons can be debated, but a healthy breakfast kick starts your body’s metabolism. When you’re on the go, and hectic mornings get in the way, it is ...
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black cooler with prepared meals

Making Nutrition Accessible and Convenient – One Delivery at a Time!

Who doesn’t want a nutritious diet? But time and time again, we opt for fast-food and T.V. dinners over nutrition. Z.E.N. Foods offers a nutritious health-food delivery service. Their menu changes on a weekly basis and their options change with ...
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clean eating

Clean Eating Made Simple

Taking the step towards clean eating can be challenging but very rewarding. If you know where to start, the transition can be a little easier. Considering a change to clean eating takes a lot of courage and even more so ...
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healthy diet

Why Diet is Your Number One Key to Weight Loss

“It’s 80 percent diet, 20 percent exercise.” “Abs are made in the kitchen.” If you have ever Googled tips for weight loss, you might have probably come across these sayings before.  But do these sayings hold any truth or are ...
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Five Places in The World People Live to 100 - and What They’re Eating!

Five Places in The World People Live to 100 – and What They’re Eating!

With the average life expectancy rate at 71.4 years, some parts of the world see shorter life spans, while others enjoy greater longevity. However, there are five places around the world that enjoy some of the longest, healthiest lives on ...
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food as a cure for anxiety

Is Food the New Anti-Anxiety Drug?

Do you hate the word “diet” because so many put a restriction on the types of food you enjoy eating? Do you keep on Googling “How to naturally reduce anxiety” and “How to get rid of an anxiety disorder without ...
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gut cleanse

Gut Cleanse: What You Need to Know About During and After

Though gut cleanse sounds off-putting, practitioners claim it provides several health benefits.  The practice of gut cleanses dates back to ancient Greece, but it became popular in the U.S. during the early 1900s. However, as theories behind a gut cleanse ...
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