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Why Hollywood Stars Love Food Delivery

hollywood stars

These days, it is easier than ever to get your favorite foods delivered right to your door. With apps like GrubHub, Uber Eats, and Seamless, you can order McDonald’s, Panda Express, or basically any other fast food from your phone. You can get a takeout pizza, pasta, tacos, and more from most restaurants. Still, other companies provide groceries designed to cook specific meals. With all of these options available, everyone is using food delivery, even Hollywood stars. Many of them love Z.E.N. Foods. Here are a few reasons why.

Healthy Alternative

Although it’s possible to order almost any type of food to your house, it is more difficult to eat healthy, especially in the world of food delivery. It takes time and effort to figure out which foods are good for you and how to order them. Z.E.N. Foods – which stands for Zero Effort Nutrition – is a healthy meal delivery service. They automatically provide you with nutritious meals designed for you. Instead of ordering salads every day through Postmates, consider signing up for Z.E.N. Foods. Academy Award-winning actress Marlee Matlin said that Z.E.N. Foods meals are “healthy AND delicious. PS. I have a sweet tooth and their desserts are to die for!”

Fast and Convenient

Food delivery is perfect for people with busy schedules, which is definitely most Hollywood stars. Emmy nominated actor Jesse Tyler Ferguson said, “With the help of Z.E.N. Foods I was able to continue eating healthy delicious meals even when my schedule became extremely busy.”

Actress, singer, and dancer Vanessa Hudgens agreed: “With my crazy hectic lifestyle, it’s always such a relief having David Allen to help keep my body healthy and feeling great using Z.E.N. Foods. I’m so thankful there’s a service like Z.E.N. Foods that tastes great and makes it so easy to eat right.”

Having healthy food delivered right to you makes it easy to make the right choice. With a healthy food delivery service, eating right has never been more convenient. “Z.E.N. makes it easy to follow and you don’t have to spend your day preoccupied with what you are going to eat or not eat – it’s truly amazing!” said actor, musician, and comedian Ashley Hamilton.

Helps with Weight Loss

Many Hollywood Stars have used Z.E.N. Foods to help them lose weight for a role or just for their everyday lives. “[Z.E.N. Foods’] expertise and fresh, healthy meals helped me put on the lean muscle required for my role as a US Marine in The Lucky One,” said Zac Efron. “It was really easy to stick to [the] program, as all of the meals are delicious and delivered fresh every day; they even delivered to me on location. It was exactly what I needed and continues to keep me on the right track.”


Z.E.N. Foods doesn’t deliver the same food to all of its customers. They have customizable plans that can be adjusted to fit any person or household. “Z.E.N. Foods has been an absolute game-changer for me and my family,” said actress and filmmaker Jaime King “…They really understand how to care for everyone in my family, our individual needs and preferences. Every meal is tailored to both adults and kids, the quality is consistent with nutritious organic whole foods, and everything is absolutely delicious!”

Want to try food delivery for yourself?

Ready to eat healthy like a Hollywood star? Z.E.N. Foods has a variety of customizable plans to choose from, including dinners, vegetarian, weight loss, and paleo. Call (310) 205-9368 to order or for more information.

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