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Planning a Cleanse? Here are 3 Things You Should Know


A good detox cleanse can help you feel energized and rejuvenated. There are now plenty of options available for anyone interested in giving a cleanse a try. While you may be eager to do a cleanse, it is important to find out a few things about them first if you are new to the concept. 

The Three Things You Should Know Before Trying a Juice or Detox Cleanse 

Detoxes and juice cleanses can be beneficial, but they aren’t for everyone. It’s important that you find a cleanse that will work best for you if you plan on using them on a routine basis. Here are a few things all beginners should know before they attempt to use a cleanse for the first time. 

Don’t Just Try it Because It’s the Latest Fad 

Going on this type of diet takes a lot of willpower, and many people who are on strict diets will often have intense cravings or end up binge eating when the thought of limiting food gets to be too much for them to handle. There can be serious side effects associated with using a cleanse such as fatigue, depression, irritability, and moodiness. Therefore, you should be fully aware of just how difficult a detox cleanse can be before you give one a try for the first time. If you constantly back out of diets because of the restrictions, trying out a cleanse could end up doing more harm than good. Be sure that it is something you are willing to try and do your own research by reading blogs and reviews from other people who have tried out the same type of cleanse in the past. 

Don’t Overdo It with Exercising While Cleansing 

Detoxing is all about putting an end to your current bad dieting habits. This process helps to rid your body of harmful toxins, while also resetting your metabolism. And this transition will usually go much smoother if you take a break from exercising during the course of the cleanse.  Juice or detox cleanses often do not provide you with enough energy to carry out a strenuous workout. This could cause you to end up breaking down your much-needed muscle mass. It’s best to take this time to relax and allow the cleanse to do its job. Then, once it is over, you can get back to your usual workout routine or try out something new.      

Detoxing Can Help Prepare Your Body for a Healthier Diet Plan

While it is good to find out about all the things you shouldn’t do while you are on the cleanse, it’s equally important that you learn more about the benefits of a juice cleanse. Understanding how a cleanse can improve your life will help encourage you to hang in there. A detox cleanse can help you start fresh and make the transition to a long-term, healthier diet and lifestyle. 

Once your cravings for sweet, salty, or fried foods start to go away, you will soon develop a craving for the natural taste of fruits and vegetables, as well as other healthier food options. Detoxes and juice cleanses can also prevent you from acting on your usual triggers that encourage social, emotional, or habitual eating, which is essential for helping you break the cycle of unhealthy eating.

If you are ready to give this a try, Z.E.N.Foods has got you covered. Our selection of cold-pressed juices and protein shakes will help eliminate hunger while providing you with the key nutrients you need as you detox your body. Get in touch with a Z.E.N. Foods today to find out more.

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