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Making a Low Carb Food List: Avoid These Five Foods

low carb food list

Low-carb diet plans are beneficial in a number of ways. This type of diet plan can help diabetics control their blood sugar levels. A low carb diet can also help you lose weight. When you are attempting to put together a daily meal plan featuring low carb foods, there are some you should avoid. It may be obvious to eliminate sweets and high-calorie foods like cake or sugary beverages. But there are other foods you should avoid due to their high carb amount that you may not be aware of. 

5 Foods that Will Not Be On Your Low Carb Food List 


You may already know that sugary breakfast cereals are not the best option while you are dieting, but did you know that even the healthier cereal varieties are very high in carbs? A cup of cooked or instant oatmeal contains around 32 grams of carbs while the less-processed steel-cut oats contain 29 grams. Whole-grain cereal which is great for heart health contains on average, 37 to 40 grams of carbs per serving. This is before milk is added. If you are attempting to lose weight by watching your carbs, you may want to look for alternative breakfast choices such as eggs or fruit instead. 


Meals made using pasta are usually very popular with large families because it is so inexpensive and easy to prepare. The problem is that any type of pasta is very high in carbohydrates. Most varieties contain at least 43 grams of carbs per serving. Whole wheat pasta is slightly lower, with around 37 grams per serving, but that is still considered very high when you are counting carbs. You could still eat pasta if you want to go with a very small portion. But that isn’t very realistic with most people. Or you can try some alternatives such as pasta made from veggies like squash, cabbage or onions. 

Bread and Grains

Cutting out bread can be a struggle for many people who are starting a low carb diet plan. All types of bread products are high in carbs. That includes whole-wheat bread, bagels, and flour tortillas. Depending on how many carbs you are allowed per day, eating a sandwich or burger could put you over your limit quickly. To adjust to low-carb dieting, you can try alternatives such as wrapping your favorite burrito with cabbage instead of tortillas. 

Some Types of Fruit 

We all need to eat more fruits and vegetables, but when you are on a low carb diet plan, eating some fruits can do your diet more harm than good. The average serving size for fruit is one cup or a small piece. A small apple contains as much as 21 grams of carbs. Fruits that are very sweet such as mangoes or dates will contain higher carbs than others. Berries are considered a good choice, just be sure to pass on adding sugar to your serving of strawberries or blueberries.

High-Starch Vegetables 

While vegetables are considered free food with most weight-loss diets, when it comes to a low carb plan there are some veggies that are off-limit. Vegetables that contain a lot of starch are also very high in carbs. This includes corn, potatoes, beets, and sweet potatoes. For best weight-loss results, it is best to stick with vegetables that are low in starch yet high in fiber. Low carb vegetables you can add to your diet include cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, and spinach.

Dieting doesn’t have to be difficult. If you are unsure about what to add to your low carb food list, Z.E.N. Foods is here to help. Enroll in one of our diet food delivery programs today and begin your weight loss journey.

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