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How Water Can Help You to Lose Weight


The first human being on earth was made up of 60% water. The same is true for all humans born this year. We’ve always been made up mostly of water, so it makes sense that we desperately need to stay hydrated in order to be our best — or most complete! — selves.

But drinking water is also a crucial aspect of weight loss. And in some cases, simply drinking more water can help us shed the pounds. Here’s how:


Water is a Natural Energy Booster – and Calorie Burner!


Drinking water increases your energy expenditure. In fact, we burn calories when we regulate our body temperature after drinking water!

Further, someone who’s properly hydrated burns calories faster than those who are less hydrated. It’s by about 2 or 3 percent on average, but that seriously adds up. Drinking water has even been shown to increase how many calories we’re burning when we’re resting. How cool is that?


It Suppresses the Appetite


Drink a glass of water before every meal, and chances are you’ll eat less. By sending signals from your stomach to your brain that you’re already starting to fill the empty space, you’ll be less tempted to reach for more. In the same vein, if you’re actively drinking water, you’ll be less likely to snack as well. If you find yourself going for a snack that’s over your daily goal, try drinking some water. There’s a great chance that will do the trick.

Often, our brain gets thirst mixed up with hunger! By actively ensuring you’re hydrated, there’s less risk of confusion.


You Need Water for Fat Burning and Workout Goals


60% of a person is made up of water, which applies across our entire body. That means dehydrated joins, cartilage, and muscles can undergo more strain and stress than those that are properly hydrated. That’s not to mention our heart, lungs, and brain, all major components of the workout routine.

Stomach cramping can also stop our exercise dead in its tracks. A major cause? Lack of water.

The human body also needs water to break down fat. Through hydrolysis, water and fats work together to deal with both stored fat and carbohydrates. A lack of water can keep fats from turning into fatty acids and glycerol – which effectively means they just get added to the waistline.


Great Dietary Replacement – Zero Fat, Carbs, Calories, or Sodium!


Well, mineral water might contain sodium, so if you’re going for purified water beyond the Brita, make sure to read the nutrition label. Unfortunately, the word “water” does not at all mean it’s just water.

Otherwise, water is just water. People have seen a significant difference by merely cutting out a daily sugary drink and replacing it with a glass of water. Not only do you cut out that excess caloric/carb/sodium intake, but you also improve hydration, which has all the benefits mentioned above too.


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