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How to Stay Motivated and Committed to Your Workout Routine

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It is no secret that engaging in a regular workout routine can bring outstanding benefits to your physical and mental health. However, even when we are aware of the benefits, it is hard to be consistent with a workout program.

In this article, we bring you our best tips to keep you motivated with your fitness journey.

Set Realistic Goals

By setting a goal, you will be able to visualize your purpose. This vision will provide you with short-term motivation. Here are some tips for establishing a fitness goal:

  • Add milestones. Boost your motivation towards your long-term goal by setting weekly milestones. Once you achieve these milestones, you’ll find it rewarding.
  • Be realistic. One of the easiest ways to fail is by setting unrealistic goals. Aim to set clear goals that you can fit into your schedule without neglecting other aspects of your life.

Don’t Put All Your Focus on Weight Loss

Watching yourself losing those extra pounds is definitely rewarding. However, keep in mind that the weight loss process isn’t always linear. You can expect to lose weight one week and then gain pounds the following week.

To avoid feeling discouragement from gaining weight and dropping your routine, we recommend:

  • Focus on the strength your body has gained.
  • Remember that you are doing this for your health, not just for that beach body.
  • Focus on how well your mind and body feel after working out.

Find a Workout Partner

Here are some reasons why a workout buddy can help you stay on track with your workout:

  • No more excuses. When it comes to fitness, it is easier to bail on yourself than to bail on other people. With a workout buddy, you are doubling up your commitment regarding your fitness goals.
  • Healthy competition. With a workout partner, you can engage in a friendly competition to keep each other motivated.
  • Have fun. Exercise can be a new way to make friends. An exercise routine can be the ideal activity to bond with family or friends.
  • Use technology. If you prefer to workout at home, you can use video call apps to exercise with your friends. Or even better, you can hire a trainer to give you online classes.

Switch Up Your Routine

When you begin to exercise, at first, your routine is new and exciting. This is because your body is learning new things to overcome physical challenges.

Once your mind and body repeat the same routine for a while, you get used to it and start feeling bored. To prevent this, we recommend the following:

  • Plan a workout program that includes activities to improve muscular conditioning, flexibility, and aerobic endurance (cardio).
  • Once you no longer feel challenged by your routine, level up the intensity. If you are unsure about how to do so, we highly encourage you to hire a trainer.

Find the Right Music

According to studies, music can help to motivate us while working out. As a result, exercise duration and engagement increases when people listen to music.

Music also can change our mood and trigger our emotions. Therefore, if you plan to exercise, make sure to use a playlist you love.

Work Hard, Play Hard

Exercising regularly is hard work — and you know it! It is only fair to reward yourself after the end of the week. It will be easier to keep your commitment by looking forward to rewarding yourself at the end of the week.

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