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How to Maintain Healthy Eating While Dining Out

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In a busy world that runs 24/7, eating out is part of our lives. It offers a fun way to try new foods and be social. The trouble is, it can be quite overwhelming to eat healthy when you are not the one preparing and cooking the meal. The endless options available do not make things any better.

However, dining out does not mean you have to fall entirely off your wellness wagon. There are a few essential things you need to do/consider when eating out. Whether you dine out once a week, twice a week, or once a month, these tips will help you stick to healthy eating while dining out.

Dine Off Peak

Eating at a restaurant during peak hours, such as Friday, Saturday, or at around 8 p.m., is never the right time It is especially true if you want to eat the healthiest option. Perhaps, this is because it’s not easy for cooks to cater to your special requests. Obviously, they can’t jeopardize every other order in the restaurant to satisfy you. Therefore, you need to dine out before or after a restaurant’s prime time. They’ll have ample time to fulfill your request.

Choose Healthy Restaurants

When picking a restaurant, you need to consider your personal soft spots. If you can’t resist enchiladas and chips, for instance, you need to avoid restaurants or local establishments that serve them. Instead, go to those that offer healthy menu offerings. Typical national chain restaurants that offer such menu items include Tender Greens, Veggie Grill, Sweet Greens, and Outback Steakhouse. Most of these publish their nutritional information online. Be sure to do sufficient due diligence before you decide to go to a healthy restaurant.

Order from Home

Ordering from home is another way to reduce the temptation of making poor choices. Before you decide to enter a restaurant, think about what categories to order from and decide what you’ll eat. For example, if you know you want to munch on chips or bread, try to stick with a low-carb entrée.

Ruin Your Appetite

We do it all the time: we skip lunch because we have booked a big dinner. By the time we get to the restaurant, we are starving. So we dive headfirst into the breadbasket, and before we know it, we’ve eaten several hundreds of calories. That’s wrong!

If you want to maintain your healthy eating habits, you need to eat something about an hour or so before you go for that dinner. It will help you keep your hunger under control as you get to the restaurant. Try a snack with a little protein such as two slices of turkey, 15 almonds, or a hardboiled egg, and a big glass of water. A whole-grain roll, veggies, and a salad with salmon can be a perfect choice for a light lunch.

Skip the Appetizers

If you are a nutrition-conscious individual, you already know that most appetizers are unhealthy. In fact, there is absolutely no nutritional value in almost all the appetizers offered in restaurants. So, don’t bother ordering them. And, should anyone at your table ask for appetizers, resist the temptation.

In place of an appetizer, order a veggies side dish. Often something like green beans or broccoli rabe will be a great choice for a first course. A soup that’s fairly clean and simple can as well substitute an appetizer.

Whether you want to gain lean muscle, lose weight, or just fulfill your dietary restrictions, Z.E.N. Foods can help you bring your healthy eating desires to reality. We have a team of in-house nutritionists who can create a menu just for you and have it delivered to your door.

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