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How to Build a Healthy Relationship with Food and Your Body

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Most of us know the signs of a toxic relationship with a person. However, it can be more difficult to notice when food is an unhealthy companion. This is because food is something we cannot move on from. We must eat to live, but we also want to enjoy what we consume. Since food is a necessity, it is important to develop a healthy relationship with it. Here’s how.

Listen to Your Body

Taking stock of when and why you eat can help establish a healthy balance. If you are eating because you are stressed or depressed, there is a good chance that you are experiencing an unhealthy relationship with food. Recognizing signs like these will help you take the necessary steps to make a change and start building a healthier relationship with food.

Don’t Skip Meals

The answer for how to start eating healthy begins with consuming regular meals. Your body needs fuel throughout the day, and if you wait until you are tired and hungry to eat, you are more likely to overeat or consume something that is less than good for you. When you feel satisfied by regular meals, there is less of a chance you will reach for unhealthy snacks throughout the day.

Food Is Not the Enemy

A healthy relationship with food includes accepting the positive nature of what you eat. A small slice of cake can be part of a joyful celebration. Yes, it is high in sugar and calories, but consuming less-than-healthy fare in moderation can actually be part of a healthy journey with food. Remember, your relationship with what you eat is a lifelong one, and you cannot expect to avoid unhealthy foods all the time.

Accept Feeling Satisfied

When it comes to how to eat healthily, your body will give you natural cues. Learning to stop eating once you feel full is a good way to maintain a positive routine. Too often, we keep eating even after we’re satisfied, and this can result in overeating or feeling guilty. Freeing yourself from these consequences comes with letting your body tell you when you’ve had enough and rewarding it with a satisfied—not overstuffed—sensation.

Manage Your Stress & Emotions

We all have a favorite comfort food, and there is nothing wrong with the notion that food makes us feel good. However, in a healthy routine, food should not take the place of a counselor or the absence of companionship. Food was made to fuel our bodies, not our emotions. Instead of grabbing a snack when you’re stressed or lonely, try meditation or going for a walk.

Recognize Your Habits

How to be healthy involves recognizing your own relationship with food. Some of us eat too much and others may not eat enough. Both can have harmful effects on the body and professional help might be necessary in some cases. Understanding whether changes to your lifestyle are needed to help foster a healthier body is a great way to begin a new journey.

Get Started Today

Eating healthier does not mean constant calorie counting. What it does mean is taking simple steps toward a better relationship with food and your body. Once you realize that you are in control of what you eat, you can begin to enjoy a variety of food as part of a healthy lifestyle. Z.E.N. Foods is committed to making nutrition accessible and delicious. Let us help you make better food choices today.

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