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How an Individualized Nutrition Plan Can Change Your Life

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It is a tale as old as time. You get home from a long day at work; there is nothing in the refrigerator. You plop down on the couch with a full bag of pretzels, some weird mustard, and an ice cream sandwich and call it dinner. You have raced out of the house, only to have forgotten your lunch and any hope of getting anything nutritious or delicious. Breakfast? Who has time for breakfast? There will be donuts in the break room. Shopping, cooking, meal prep, nutrition plans – there is rarely time for any of it.

We live life at breakneck speed. We squeeze in the most fun, rewarding and lucrative things, only to squeeze out important pieces like nutrition, exercise, and self-care. What has happened to us? We have so much to see and do. We have evolved to be people who have the freest time as any generation in the history of humankind. Yet, we do not have time to plan, shop and cook healthy meals.

The truth is, it is our choice. We do not choose to spend our time, our most valuable resource, making meals. Efficiency is up, productivity is up, but health is down. It is time to make nutrition and healthy living as much of a priority as our jobs, our kid’s sports, and our chores.

Take the Stress Out of Healthy Eating

Individual food delivery systems were born out of a busy lifestyle. There’s a very real need to still feed ourselves well and take care of our bodies. Many of these services offer menus and nutrition plans that you choose your meals from. The ingredients or the pre-prepared meal is delivered to your home and all you have to do is warm it up or put it together. Most meal service companies will have you pay by the meal, a weekly rate or a flat fee for the month. Meal services take the stress out of meal preparation. They give you one less thing to have to think about or plan for.

We trust other people to clean our homes, care for our pets while we are away and service our cars. So why not trust an expert on nutrition and clean eating to prepare your meals? Not only do meal service companies give you time back, often they help the person live a healthier lifestyle.

How Z.E.N. Can Help You With Your Nutrition Plan

Here is where Z.E.N. Foods comes in – a transformative meal service company that does all the work for you. We find the recipes, adjust the portions to meet your individual needs, and guarantee fresh and delicious food delivered to your doorstep. All you have to do is take it out of the cooler bag and either put it in the microwave or oven. Before you know it you have a healthy, nutritious, and most of all, delicious meal!

There is no scouring through cookbooks and magazines for the ‘right’ recipes. No more searching for specialty stores, crowded box stores or local health food stores. There are no hard to find ingredients or having to substitute items.

Z.E.N. has chefs, nutritionists, and dietitians on staff working every day to put together nutrition plans, and nutritious and delicious meals. Meals that are varied and interesting, within the limits of your diet, and within your budget. THIS is the evolution of food. THIS will change your life.

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