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Healthy Dieting Can Transform More Than Just Your Body

We’ve all experienced a small rush of envy upon seeing the perfectly sculpted bodies of a celebrity trainer on Instagram, or the post-baby body of a close friend or relative. It can feel like it’s impossible to start a healthy lifestyle and workout routine when you’ve spent most of your life with unhealthy eating habits.

Learning how to eat the correct portion sizes, limit added sugars, and eat whole, and unprocessed foods can be the beginning of a revolution. A healthy diet can provide you with more than just the perfect beach body- it can save your life in more ways than one.

Healthy Dieting

Healthy Dieting Can Improve Your Outlook

While it’s easy to fixate on the physical rewards of taking better care of your body, there’s so much more to look forward to when you begin to eat well. When you cut processed sugars and empty calories out of your diet, you might notice that you feel more confident.

Healthy foods give us the fuel that we need to be the best version of ourselves. That, coupled with an exercise routine can make us feel more confident. If you feel more confident, you’re less likely to dwell on the negative things going on around you, or you might interpret them differently altogether.

It will be easier to steer yourself away from negative thoughts if your brain isn’t running on sub-par fuel, and already dragging you down. You’ll be more likely to step back and evaluate each situation that you’re confronted with when your diet is filled with nutritious foods.

Healthy Eating Can Be The First Step In Managing Your Mood Disorder

If you are afflicted with a mood disorder like bipolar disorder, major depression, or generalized anxiety disorder, whole and healthy foods can help with the chemical imbalance in your brain. Certain foods like chicken, eggs, turkey, and beans can help with managing your moods.

For example, there are nutrients in foods that are high in protein or carbohydrates that can help your body manage your moods. The amino acid, tryptophan, can help release serotonin into your body. You need serotonin, or the happy chemical, to be able to function without the side effects of depression or anxiety.

Additionally, if you make sure to include a lot of fatty fish in your diet, you’re going to be getting more omega-3 fatty acids. Omega 3 fatty acids can stimulate the neurotransmitters in your brain that are in charge of the release of dopamine and serotonin.

Healthy Eating Can Eliminate Sluggishness

Is your AM sluggishness sticking around well into the middle of the day and the evening? If you’ve previously supplied your body with poor sources of fuel, you’ll find that you have more energy than you thought you could ever have with your busy schedule once you start eating healthily.

When you eat greasy foods, or foods high in sugar, you’re only giving your body food that it can ultimately turn into fat. These types of foods aren’t usually converted into energy the way that healthy foods usually are. If you start eating complex carbohydrates, foods high in protein, and fresh vegetables, you’ll notice a lot more of a change than the one happening to your waistline.

If you eat healthy foods, you’ll have more energy to do the things you love, and you’ll have an easier time navigating your hectic work schedule.

Healthy Dieting

A Healthy Diet Can Keep You Out of the Hospital

It’s so easy to think that we’re invincible, isn’t it? It’s why we eat carb-laden foods all throughout our teens and twenties; it’s also why we don’t think of food the way that we should.

Food is fuel, and it’s easy to forget this connection when you only keep pleasure in mind when you eat. When you give up foods that just taste good for foods that taste good and are good for you, you’ll be benefiting from a few silent factors.

A healthy diet can prevent some of the most devastating diseases out there. A revitalized diet can keep you from getting diseases like:

  • Heart Disease.
  • Type 2 Diabetes.
  • High Blood Pressure.
  • Certain cancers.
  • Alzheimer’s.
  • Tooth Decay.

Unhealthy eating can also worsen pre-existing conditions like bipolar disorder, gout, and more. By eating healthy, you’re escaping the prison that is an unhealthy and underfed body.

You Could Be Setting Yourself Up For Fewer Trips To The Dentist

No one hates a trip to the dentist more than a person that hasn’t been doing what they’re supposed to be doing to take care of their body. Foods like potato chips, bread, and candies can wreak havoc on your smile. These foods can stay stuck in between your teeth and cause cavities. If you’re putting healthy and nutritious foods in your body like you’re supposed to be, you can save yourself thousands in dental bills.

However, fruits like oranges and lemons are acidic and can be responsible for the erosion of your enamel if you’re not careful. You’ll want to have these healthy foods every so often while limiting your intake of some of the unhealthy foods listed above. The key to maximizing this benefit of eating healthy is to take everything in moderation.

The Takeaway

At first, it can seem like a big task to sacrifice all of your favorite convenience foods and snacks for the sake of being of healthy. Incorporating different foods into your diet can be stressful and a shock to your system at first, and so it may take a while before you see results like inches off of your waistline.

However, there’s so much more to gain than a different appearance. You have the opportunity to live your best life possible by examining the unhealthy foods in your diet.

Limiting these foods doesn’t mean that you have to give up your favorites completely, but your body is better off if you chow down on unhealthy foods in moderation. Your heart, skin, brain, and colon will thank you for it in the long-run.

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