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Health Benefits of a Paleo Diet

paleo diet

If you are like most people, you have tried changing your diet on your own. Leaving out the cakes and cookies, foregoing the salad dressing and counting calories, trying to get to a target weight. Perhaps you have tried going gluten-free. Maybe you have tried eliminating dairy and all sugar or even revamped your diet entirely by measuring and weighing your food. While many of these tips and tricks get you fast results, ask yourself if they give you lasting results. The best way to transform your diet is to stick with a diet that you can do on a long-term basis. The Paleo diet is a diet based on the way our ancestors of the Paleolithic period foraged and ate food.

What is the Paleo Diet?

A Paleo Diet encompasses whole meats, vegetables, and unprocessed food. The whole meats included are grass-fed beef, pasture-raised chicken and wild-caught fish. Dairy, refined sugars, legumes, and artificial ingredients are restricted completely. Your mission is to think like your Paleolithic ancestors, considering what would have been accessible to them. They were hunters and gatherers, by nature, and would have utilized only the ingredients available to them.

The Paleolithic period is upwards of 10,000 years ago. This is before there was farming or even real cooking. The Paleo diet encourages raw foods where possible. Some people confuse this lifestyle with the Atkins Diet; they are not the same. The Atkins diet relies on pure proteins and fats. A Paleo diet has a much greater range of foods, including many vegetables, some fruits, and nuts. It is much easier to live among your omnivore friends when you embrace a Paleo lifestyle. They will love the food you are eating and will want to join you!

What Are the Benefits?

Research done by professionals such as Dr. Loran Cordain shows people who have engaged in the Paleo lifestyle have seen great success. Their weight loss goals are being met and their overall health improves. Mental perception improves and lean muscle mass increases. They experience a noticeable improvement in athletic ability and dexterity. People have reported drops in blood sugar levels and management of their A1C not seen before. Patients struggling with heart disease report lower blood pressure numbers and improved cholesterol levels.

The Future of Diets and Meal Delivery Services

Here at Z.E.N. Foods, we know that maintaining such diets can be a lot of work. What if we could do the leg work of gathering (and hunting) all those different ingredients for you? What if we offered our chefs, experts, and dietitians to put together meals that will help you reach your goals? At Z.E.N. Foods we work out the recipes, the flavors, and the portion control. We know that the missing piece of dieting for a lot of people is the execution of it. Our meal delivery service takes the work out of working on your diet. Together, we can make a difference in your health and help you create real change in your lifestyle.

All diet plans that treat such medical conditions should be reviewed by your doctor. No one should lay the cure for a medical diagnosis on their diet. Medications and physical activity need to be considered and reviewed by a professional. Yet, when it comes to food, let our expert chefs, dietitians and nutritionists do the work for you. Let Z.E.N foods design a meal plan that not only tastes good and fills you up, but is delicious and nutritious for your body.

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