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Gut Cleanse: What You Need to Know About During and After

gut cleanse


Though gut cleanse sounds off-putting, practitioners claim it provides several health benefits.  The practice of gut cleanses dates back to ancient Greece, but it became popular in the U.S. during the early 1900s. However, as theories behind a gut cleanse lost support, the practice fell out of favor.

In recent years, gut cleanse foods and gut cleanse diets are experiencing a resurgence. With that in mind, let’s explore and see whether a gut cleanse is good for you or not.


Gut Cleanse Explained

Gut cleansing is also commonly referred to as colonic hydrotherapy or colonic irrigation. To put it simply, a gut cleanse is the process through which your colon is flushed with fluids to remove all the waste. Gut cleanses have been practiced since ancient times and it was based on the premise of “autointoxication,” that digestive waste can potentially act as a toxin to the body.

Typically, a gut cleanse, when performed by a professional colon hygienist, involves you resting on a table, and around 60 liters of fluid being sent into your rectum. The toxins are further expelled through another tube.
If you’re not ready to visit a colon hygienist, you can safely also get an at-home cleanse for your gut from Z.E.N. Foods.


What Does A Gut Cleanse Have To Offer?

The main goal of a gut cleanse is to remove large quantities of stagnant and toxic waste that covers the colon walls. According to practitioners, you can reap countless benefits including better digestion, reduced risk of colon cancer, weight loss, increased energy, and clearer thinking.

Furthermore, a small pilot study conducted in 2016 resulted in gut cleanses can lead to improved gastrointestinal symptoms associated with irritable bowel syndrome.


The Risks Associated With Natural Gut Cleansing

It’s important to consult with your own medical practitioner before beginning any sort of cleanse because, while there are a number of benefits, there can also be some risks.


The weight loss that happens due to a cleanse is partly because of the removal of waste, and fluids. If not taken care of properly, dehydration can lead to kidney failure. Be sure to drink plenty of water and refrain from vigorous exercise during your cleanse.

Electrolyte Imbalance

Gut cleanses can sometimes upset the balance of electrolytes such as sodium and potassium in your body. These chemicals are what carry electrical signals across your cells, and an imbalance can lead to unconsciousness and kidney damage. If you are concerned, consult with your primary care doctor before starting this.

Bacterial Infection And Imbalance

Cleansing your gut can potentially remove the healthy bacteria that fight infection and bring in unhealthy bacteria due to the use of various fluids and the instruments used. This is why we recommend a food-based gut cleanse, as it expels toxins with all-natural ingredients instead of foreign objects.


A Safer Gut Cleanse System

At Z.E.N. Foods, Zero Effort Nutrition, our gut cleanse program addresses all the safety issues related to a gut cleanse diet. We bring you the perfect program that improves metabolism and digestion and cleanses your entire body of toxins.

Cleanses can suggest deprivation, but Z.E.N. Foods encourages you to eat four clean, organic, anti-inflammatory meals per day, and drink as much water as you want (maybe more!). Carefully curated, these clean meals, protein shakes and gut-health boosters will kickstart your new health journey!

With Z.E.N. Foods as your partner in health, better nutrition can truly be zero effort. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our six-day program!

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