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Everything You Need to Know About Doing a Juice Cleanse

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Fresh juice delivered straight to your door every morning sounds amazing, right? Completing a juice cleanse is an increasingly popular way to revitalize the body. But other than being fresh and conveniently tasty, what is a juice cleanse and how does it help?

It helps to start with understanding what a juice cleanse isn’t. It isn’t a permanent diet solution. Cleanses are a short-term refresh and shouldn’t be used long-term. Long-term consumption of only juices can cause your body to drop into famine mode. This is a reaction to not getting enough proteins and amino acids, so your body hoards fat as a protective measure.

Short-term juice cleanses, on the other hand, are a great way to reset eating habits and cut back on harmful foods. The right food consumed in the right way can heal your body. Z.E.N. Foods provides cleansing juices packed full of delicious nutrition to help you get going in the right direction. Let’s take a deeper look into everything you need to know about doing a juice cleanse.

The Science Behind Doing a Juice Cleanse

Juice cleanses are usually made with fruits and vegetables but with minimum good fats that are included in a regular diet and are extremely integral to your health.

For your body to rebuild and repair itself, it needs amino acids. If your diet isn’t supplying the necessary amount, your body takes it from your muscles. Lower muscle mass means fewer calories burnt, making it harder to maintain an optimal weight.

That being said, in the short-term, a juice cleanse has a few science-backed pros:

  • Packs in the fruits and veggies– These foods are important sources for Vitamins B, A, E, C, and K, all of which are important to daily functions. They also can provide anti-aging antioxidants as well as essential enzymes and minerals.
  • Increased water intake- Roughly 60% of the human body is water. Drinking water is integral to staying alive and has been known to help with weight loss. Still, most people struggle to drink the levels of water needed to keep their bodies hydrated and their energy up.
  • Includes the benefits of intermittent fasting- Intermittent, or short-term fasting, has numerous health benefits. A juice cleanse and fasting can work hand-in-hand to give your body the restart it needs.

The Benefits of Finding a Juice Cleanse Near Me

When you are doing a juice cleanse for the right reasons, it can have amazing benefits. The cleanse will help your body get a fresh start of good habits, infusing you with vital nutrients. Whether you are a juice newbie or an experienced cleanser, doing a juice cleanse can help reset your system. If you struggle with:

  • Poor Eating Habits– A few days of straight fruits and veggies will put you back on track toward balancing out your intake.
  • Chronic Overeating– It is easy to rely on food as a comfort factor. Doing a juice cleanse helps break that dependence. Get your tasty treat of juice and find other things in your life to reward or comfort yourself. Next time, treat yourself to new craft supplies, a run, or a trip to the beach instead of eating for comfort.
  • High Sugar or Processed Food Intake– Sugars and processed foods are highly addictive substances. A juice cleanse can help detox and break the cravings for your favorite sugary treat. Your brain has to be retrained to not desire sugar and processed food.

Remember, if you have never cleansed before, ease into it. Increase your fruit and veggie intake a few days before your cleanse and make sure you get plenty of water. Clear out the junk food from your house so you aren’t tempted to snack. Plan your cleanse during a time that won’t be too strenuous on the body and avoid extreme exercise. Juice packs you full of nutrients but your body will react poorly to being overworked without the proper amino acids.

Z.E.N. Food Juice Cleanses

Z.E.N. Foods strives to provide easy access to nutritious foods in Los Angeles and Southern California. If you would like to speak to a consultant about our two amazing juice cleanses, visit Z.E.N. Foods’ website today.

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