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Elevate Your Workday with Deskercise Fun and Fitness

A woman stands with her back to the camera looking at her computer monitors at her standing desk while stretching her left leg, demonstrating deskercise.

You’re probably wondering — what is deskercise, exactly? This term refers to exercises and movements that can be done from a seated position at a desk or throughout a busy workday.

Even if you get the recommended 150 minutes of exercise per week, sitting all day can still negatively impact your physical health. In fact, you may experience muscle tension, lower back pain, carpal tunnel, and more if you are consistently sedentary for over 8 hours daily.

If you spend most of your workday seated or in a sedentary position, deskercises (desk exercises) are a great way to get moving and keep the blood flowing.

Deskercises to Try Throughout the Workday

Adding cardio, strength movements, and stretching to your workday can ensure proper blood flow and circulation, reduce stress, boost energy, and improve your posture. Here are a few ways to add deskercises to the workday.

Cardio Movements

Jog or walk in place for one minute at a time. Increase the intensity by lifting your knees as high as possible while walking.

Complete a minute of punching exercises by cross-jabbing from a seated or standing position. You can hold water bottles to increase the intensity of this movement.

Lastly, fully extend your arms from a seated position and perform large, sweeping arm circles forward and backward for two minutes. Pick up the pace, perform smaller circles, and repeat a few times.

Strength Training

Strengthen your core and lower back by sitting up straight in your chair and flexing your abdominal muscles for ten seconds at a time. Repeat five times, then rest. Do this several times a day.

Perform chair squats by sitting on the edge of a chair, then stand up slowly without using your hands. Repeat this 8 to 10 times, five times a day.

Get a lower body burn by finding an open wall and completing wall sits. Rest your back against the wall and squat with your legs parallel to the ground. Hold the wall sit position for as long as possible; aim for between 30 and 60 seconds.

Invest in Deskercise Equipment

If you’re committed to deskercise and want to invest in equipment for this new venture, there are a few options to elevate your fitness throughout the workday.

A new trend is the under-desk treadmill, which allows you to stand and work at your desk while walking slowly on a treadmill.

If it’s a deskercise bike you’re interested in, there are many sleek bike options that can easily fit under your desk. Simply slip your feet in the pedals at your leisure and get moving!

For more affordable options, simply using a balance or exercise ball instead of a desk chair can do wonders. It’ll help your posture, core strength, and balance while even burning calories!

Let’s face it — doing the same workout routines over and over can make exercise mundane and boring. Switching up your routine or adding new elements keeps exercise fun, ensuring you stay interested and motivated.

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