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Eating Whole Foods

Eating whole foods is a great alternative to a detox or cleanse. Instead of being a set diet, a whole foods diet focuses more on changing the foods that you eat. This diet includes all nutritional groups and is very flexible, so long as whole foods are being consumed. If you are looking for a long term diet, this diet can greatly aid a person in losing weight. 

How a Whole Foods Diet Works 

Instead of being a specific eating plan, a whole foods diet is more of a goal, which is to eat whole foods rather than other foods. For instance, instead of unhealthy desserts, you would look for healthy fruits. Instead of potato chips, you would prepare a potato. Instead of chicken tenders, you would grill a chicken breast. In order to make this diet work, you will have to become very conscious of what is in your food. Checking labels will tell you if the food you are purchasing is full of artificial ingredients, additives, and preservatives. 

In terms of whole foods, you will be looking into eating fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, beans, milk, certain dairy products, meat, poultry, and seafood. You will avoid foods with added sugars, refined carbohydrates, processed foods, and pre-prepared foods. Many grocery stores sell healthy foods, as well as markets and food stands. 

Pros of Eating Whole Foods 

This diet is very safe for a variety of reasons. For one, it eliminates unhealthy additives, like added sugar. It will also provide you with a more than adequate amount of nutrition. This diet works well for many people, unlike certain detoxes, because it allows access to many necessary nutrients and vitamins. Additionally, it will provide you with antioxidants, good fats, phytochemicals, and fibers. All of these nutritious aspects of whole foods will mean that it will be easy to adapt to this diet. 

By sticking with this diet, you can reduce heart inflammation, thus reducing the risk of heart disease. This diet will also help you control blood sugar due to its paleolithic properties. From eating more fresh meat, fish, fruits, vegetables, eggs, and nuts, people with diabetes have experienced a reduction in blood sugar levels

Cons of This Diet

The biggest con of this diet is the cost. While yes, many supermarkets and grocery stores supply whole foods, the costs are usually quite high. The other con of whole foods is that they are less conventional than fast foods. It takes dedication to prepare meals with whole foods and it is much easier to stop at a fast-food chain and immediately receive a meal. While these factors may weigh heavily for some, it is important to remember that this type of diet leads to improved health and therefore may save you a lot of money in medical expenses in the long run. 

Whole Foods Delivered Straight to You 

This diet is excellent but takes time and planning. If you are ready to put the time, energy, and money into whole foods, you will reap in the benefits of this diet. However, not everybody has the time or resources to prepare these meals. Working a regular job can make it hard to find the time or interest to purchase whole foods, as well as prepare them. 

If you are interested in this diet but do not have the time to shop for them or prepare them for a meal, you are in luck! Z.E.N Foods delivers fresh, prepared meals right to your door. With our various programs, you can purchase a variety of meals, including vegetarian and paleo meals. Check out our meal programs today on our website.

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