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Detox Diet

detox diet

Detox diets are typically short-term dietary plans that have been created to eliminate toxins from your body. These diets include a period of fasting, followed up by a strict diet that may consist of fruits, vegetables, juices, and water. Detoxes can also include supplements, colon cleanses, teas, herbs, and enemas. 

Detox diet plans have a variety of benefits. For one, it will rest your organs and improve circulation. Detox dieting will also stimulate your liver, thus ridding your body of toxins. This type of diet will eliminate toxins through urine, feces, and sweat. The foods you consume during your detox diet will supply the body with healthy nutrients.

Detox Diet Plan 

There are a variety of detox diet plans to follow, all of which span across a variety of days. The most common type of detox is a seven-day detox. This detox will have a set meal plan for all seven days, whether it is a diet consisting solely of liquids or a diet consisting of fruits and vegetables. Seven-day detox diet plans are for those looking to see more results in their weight loss. A one-day detox diet is for those who may have overindulged the night before or who wish to see what a detox is like. 

Before you choose a detox,  you should observe your dietary habits for at least a week. Focus on the things you consume that are bad for you. For example, if you are overindulging in sugar, you might consider a sugar detox diet. 

Sugar Detox Diet 

Sugar is an addictive ingredient that can cause serious health issues later in life. A sugar detox diet is one of the quickest ways to stop this addiction. In this diet plan, you cut out all forms of added sugar, such as granulated sugar, maple syrup, and honey. Instead, you will be eating sugar-free meals that incorporate fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean protein, and healthy fats. Before you start this diet, you will want to plan out a timeframe for when you will quit consuming sugar and how long you will stay away from it. 

Sugar Detox Diet Tips 

When doing a sugar detox diet, it can be hard to wean yourself away from sugars. Try replacing sodas or other sugary drinks with sparkling water and desserts with fresh fruits. Ensure that you increase healthy fat sources and take glutamine supplements. If you are thinking of eating bread, don’t. Instead, choose complex carbs for better benefits. Avoid skipping meals and try eating more protein at breakfast. 

Detox Side Effects

While the body is usually quick at adapting to changes to the diet, sugar detox diets can cause side effects. Quitting sugar will have some withdrawal symptoms, including headaches and intense cravings. The best way to aid these symptoms is to stay hydrated and keep yourself moving. It is important to seek out a medical professional for advice on what cleanses you choose, especially if you have diabetes. Some cleanses will not include important vitamins and nutrients, meaning that you could become more susceptible to illness. Others will have a laxative-like effect and cause severe dehydration. A good cleanse will be sure to include fibers, proteins, and vitamins. 

Healthy Meals and Cleanses at Your Doorstep 

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