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Detox Diet: What Is It and When Your Body Needs One

detox diet

Every day, we put many toxins into our bodies. After a while, our bodies will start to react negatively to those toxins. These side effects impact our quality of life and can make us miserable. By doing a detox, we can cleanse our bodies of toxins. Detoxing is also a great way to lose weight. There are a variety of reasons to detox, as well as a wide variety of different detoxes. 

Signs That You Need to Detox

From the air we breathe to the things we put in our body, toxins are everywhere. Once our bodies absorb a certain amount of toxins, we need to cleanse. Here are some signs that your body may need a detox: 

  • weight gain 
  • constant fatigue 
  • insomnia
  • thinking impairment
  • unexplainable headaches
  • constipation
  • body odor 
  • mood swings
  • aching muscles
  • skin breakouts

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, you may need to detox. There are a variety of ways to detox, but it is also important to know what is causing your toxin levels to rise. Car, water, and air pollution are all environmental toxins. Cleaning products, herbicides, pesticides, hair spray, perfumes, and make-up are also environmental toxins. Chemicals we put into our bodies, like alcohol, processed foods, caffeine, prescription drugs, and tobacco are called lifestyle toxins. Even our emotions can create toxins that are referred to as emotional toxins. 

What Is a Detox Diet Plan? 

While there are a number of different types of detoxes, they are all carried out for the same purpose: to rid the body of toxins. Detoxes go on for a variety of different days. Some go on for one day or three days for a quick cleanse, but the most common detox is a seven-day detox. This detox diet plan has a set meal planned for all seven days. These meals can range from liquid-only meals to meals only containing fruits and vegetables. Seven-day detoxes show the most results, while shorter detoxes are created to help those who may have eaten unhealthily the night before.

Sugar Detox Diet 

Before doing a detox of any kind, you should observe your dietary habits. For instance, if you have a sweet tooth, you may consider a sugar detox diet. With a sugar detox diet, you cut all forms of added sugars (like granulated sugar, sweetener, maple syrup, and honey) out of your diet. Instead of consuming added sugars, you will eat sugar-free meals with fruits, vegetables, lean protein, whole grains, and healthy fats. 

This detox can be difficult, but there are some ways to make it easier. For example, replacing sodas and sugary drinks with diet soda or sparkling water can reduce cravings. Eating fresh, sweet fruits instead of sugary desserts can help with a sweet tooth. 

Detox Diet Plan Precautions 

Not all detox diet plans are safe. A good detox diet plan will include vital nutrients and vitamins, while other, less trustworthy detoxes, will leave them out. Without enough vitamins and nutrients, your body will become weaker and more susceptible to becoming ill. Other types of cleanses can cause severe diarrhea and dehydration. 

A Safe, Effective Gut Cleanse

If you are looking for a safe, effective cleanse, Z.E.N Foods has a fantastic Spa Experience Cleanse for you. We understand how important it is that you receive essential nutrients and vitamins during your cleanse. Our Spa Experience Cleanse comes with 6 cold-pressed juices daily, one raw soup and a salad each day. You will also receive Organic Turmeric Ginger Detox Tea and Himalayan Detox Bath Salt in your first delivery. If you are looking for something more than a cleanse, we also offer a variety of meal plans. All of our programs will be delivered straight to your door and, at most will need to be heated up in your oven or microwave. 

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