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Desk Exercises for Your Office Job

desk exercises

We no longer walk to water, we don’t make our own clothes, and we are often found hopping into the car to drive across town to meet friends for coffee. We are blessed with so many modern conveniences and benefits. However, these wonderful benefits come with a price. We are no longer the active species we once were. Many Americans are not able to walk more than a mile. Consuming plenty of clean water and ingesting healthy raw, unprocessed food is a rarity. Sitting at a desk, sitting in front of the TV or sitting in our car adds up to a lot of idle time. Our bodies are paying the price for this new lifestyle many of us are accustomed to.

Having an idle body is also linked to many chronic illnesses. Weight gain, diabetes, high blood pressure, and many other conditions can be linked to a sedentary lifestyle. While we aren’t saying your job is killing you, we are saying too much sitting at your desk is bad for your health.

Fortunately, there is an easy solution. There are some simple steps that you can take right at your desk which may help to keep you active and improve your health.

Arm Pulses

These work your triceps and help stretch out your shoulders. Stand up at your desk with your arms by your sides and your palms facing behind. Pulse the arms backward for 20 seconds, keeping your arms as long and straight as possible. Do this a few times, resting for 30 seconds between each set. This will help get your blood flowing and if done correctly and often enough may result in some great toning as well!

Desk Push-Ups

The first and most important piece of this office work-out is to ensure your desk is sturdy enough to support your body weight. Once this is established, take a few steps back so you can place your hands flat on your desk. Your hands should be a little wider than shoulder-width. Lower yourself down toward your desk, keeping your core tight. Then push back up until your arms are straight but not locked. Try to do 20 reps. If you can’t do 20 reps start with 5, then work your way up to 10, then 15, and so on. Before you know it you’ll be doing 20+ desk push-ups with ease.

Seated Bicycle Crunches

Sit in your chair with your feet flat on the floor. Position your hands behind your head and lift one knee towards the opposite elbow. Twist your body down toward it, then return to the seated, straight-back position. Finish 15 twists, then repeat on the other side. This is a great way to get your blood flowing, your legs moving, and your core engaged.

We may not be able to control the amount of time we are stuck at a desk, but we can control how we spend that time. It is up to you to find the minutes you can squeeze in desk exercises during your sedentary jobs. Whether you’re waiting for a conference call to assemble, between appointments, or while the computer reloads your page. These are the moments we should be making the most of and doing something that is for our health instead of against it.

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