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Clean Eating Made Simple

clean eating


Taking the step towards clean eating can be challenging but very rewarding. If you know where to start, the transition can be a little easier. Considering a change to clean eating takes a lot of courage and even more so if you are considering adopting a vegetarian diet.

While there are many factors to consider when changing your diet, here are a few simple ways to start your healthy diet right away without much planning.

Reduce Sugar Intake

Reducing sugar is a great place to start because it is not as hard as you may imagine. Since sugar is included in most things in a regular diet, cutting back on snacks greatly reduces the amount of sugar in your diet.

The most important thing to do is to be aware of what you are putting in your body and the amount of sugar it contains. After you reduce your sugar intake, you will notice your body feels less bloated.

With this being true, your body also tells you when it has had too much sugar. One way it does this is by giving off feelings of low energy. Once you cut out sugar from your diet, you will regain more energy.

Spacing Out Meals

Another step toward a healthy diet is to space out your meals. Not only is it better to space out your meals, but having lighter portions helps as well. Eating 5-6 smaller meals instead of three large ones helps with digestion and metabolism.

Smaller meals also reduce bloating. When eating more spaced out meals, you will notice you have more energy in between meals.

Another important step is to not eat too late before sleep. If possible, having your last meal before 7 o’clock will give your body time to digest before sleeping. When having a meal too close to sleep, your body does not have time to process it and you will become more bloated.

Healthy Drinking

Food is not the only contributor to a healthier diet. Choosing the right liquids makes a huge impact. Avoiding sodas will help reduce unnecessary sugar and calories from your clean diet.

Water is great to drink throughout the day. Staying hydrated can help increase energy and improve brain function. It can also help prevent headaches and improve digestion. Water acts as a natural detox as well. Keeping an adequate supply of water nearby can help remind you to drink throughout the day, ensuring proper hydration.

Get Active

The last important tip to clean eating is to get and stay active. While this is not food-related, it is essential to a healthy diet. Without being active, you are wasting much of the hard work you have put into clean eating.

If you do not participate in any daily exercise, the reduced sugar you consume will sit in your body longer if you are not active. Something as simple as nightly walks or swimming in the pool can help your metabolism and improve physical health.

With all these steps in mind, you now know how to start a healthy diet regimen easily. There is nothing standing in your way, and the best first step to take is to just do it, and be the best you can be!

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