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Benefits of a Low-Sodium Diet

Switching to a low-sodium diet has many health benefits. Salt is so commonly used in the typical American household, that it may be a surprise that many people should be using it more sparingly. Most Americans consume more sodium than is required for their health. In addition, as people age, this fact becomes dangerous for seniors.

High-sodium diets increase the risk of high blood pressure, stroke, heart disease, hypertension, and kidney failure. Low-sodium diets offer tremendous health benefits. This is especially true for seniors.

Preventive Factors

Low-sodium diets not only help prevent heart disease and stroke but also aid in the recovery for those currently living with these ailments. It also helps prevent disease by lowering blood pressure.

The harsh effects of diabetes and cirrhosis are lessened through low-sodium consumption. Those with a lower risk for heart disease live on average up to ten years longer than those at high risk.

With so many health benefits to a low-sodium diet, many may be wondering how to take this leap. Although it may seem difficult, there are many simple tricks that can help reduce you and your loved one’s sodium intake.

Ways to Reduce Sodium Intake

Eating more home-cooked meals can reduce sodium intake. Many restaurants tend to pile on the salt. Checking food labels and looking for sodium-free seasonings are also simple switches.

Processed foods are typically a red-flag for high-sodium, and purchasing fresh fruits, vegetables, and meats are on the safe side. Alka Seltzer, Penicillin, and other sodium medications are also something to be conscious of.

If you are concerned with the time it may take going into researching various food items and a low-sodium diet, there are healthy meal delivery services that may be helpful. Z.E.N. Foods offers a variety of meal plan options to fit your lifestyle. There are plans that range from simple healthy dinners to weight loss. Depending on your needs and circumstances, Z.E.N. Foods will have a plan for you.

Z.E.N. Foods prides itself by offering fresh, healthy ingredients in all of their meals. Their dinners are always prepared fresh and can be heated up in under three minutes. Z.E.N. chefs carefully balance each meal to ensure you are receiving full nutritional benefits.

There are also Z.E.N. consultants available when you place an order to help you design a plan that will work best for your individual needs.

Ordering through Z.E.N. Foods is like having your own personal chef and nutritionist. They will help you maintain a healthy lifestyle or reach a personal goal. Each meal is filled with antioxidants and free of trans-fats. Not only can you receive all the benefits of a low-sodium diet, but healthy eating will also increase your energy and mental focus.

Benefits of Meal Delivery Services

Meal delivery services allow you to feel confident that you are eating meals made from healthy, high-quality ingredients. You will have the convenience of delivery while being able to enjoy a home-cooked, delicious, and nutritious meal.

By ordering your meals from Z.E.N.  Foods, you can save time on reading through various food labels and research different foods high in sodium. At Z.E.N.  Foods, the chef and nutritionist prepare your meals based on your dietary needs with the highest quality ingredients. Delivery is simple and convenient, and all meals are delivered in a tamper-resistant cooler bag to ensure freshness.

You can also personalize what days of the week you would like to receive your delivery to accommodate your busy schedule. Eating healthy doesn’t have to be boring or flavorless. Z.E.N. Foods offers various menus that change each week and with the season, so you never have to become bored with eating healthy.

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