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7 Must-Avoid Mistakes When Doing a Low-Carb Diet

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Cutting carbs seems all the rage these days. For most, doing a low-carb diet is a part of the journey of losing weight, lowering blood sugar levels, and improving heart health. There are many motivating factors for choosing to forgo the bread and pasta route, but with motivation can come mistakes. Many well-intentioned carb-cutters fall prey to the pitfalls because they don’t know what they are. Here’s what to avoid.

1. Not Eating Your Vegetables

It might sound like a line from your childhood, but not eating your vegetables can have serious consequences on your health, especially when on a low-carb diet. Certain veggies do contain some carbohydrates, but as compensation, they also contain the necessary nutrients your body needs. Without consuming them, you may begin to feel unwell and give up your diet altogether.

2. Cutting Too Many Calories

One of the most common mistakes people on a low-carb diet make is restricting calories too severely. We all need some calories, regardless of our carbohydrate intake. Not getting enough of them from foods containing protein and fat can have serious consequences on overall health. Cutting back on your caloric intake too drastically can also decrease your intake of healthy fats and increase hunger.

3. Overindulging

Those who are cutting carbs can become prone to overindulging other foods. Consuming too much fat while on a low-carbohydrate diet can be detrimental to your health. It might seem easy to reach for the foods that are within the parameters of your diet, but just because you are allowed to eat them, this doesn’t mean they are a free-for-all. Low-carb diets should be about moderation, and the same goes for eating high-fat foods.

4. Not Eating Enough Carbs

Yes, the goal of a low-carb diet is to consume fewer carbohydrates. However, eating too few carbs or forgoing them altogether can be unhealthy. Many foods containing carbohydrates also contain a host of necessary nutrients, giving us the energy and support we need to thrive. Without them, our bodies become deprived and more prone to sickness.

5. Over-Exercising

Most fitness buffs will tell you that carbs are an important part of their diet. When you eat carbohydrates, your body is refueled with the energy it needs. Therefore, when reserving your intake of carbs, high-intensity exercise is not generally recommended. The good news is that you can still stay fit by doing low-intensity exercises like yoga or tai chi.

6. Not Eating Enough Fiber

Fiber is an essential part of a healthy diet, even one that is low carb. Because fiber is found in many fruits and vegetables, and many people cutting carbs have a tendency to drop veggies and fruits, fiber intake can plummet. Eating too little fiber can result in constipation and other unhealthy conditions that can make your life, and your dieting experience, uncomfortable.

7. Deprivation

Many people on a low-carb diet plan tend to feel they are out of healthy food options. When this happens, they might begin to overindulge on unhealthy foods, give in to cravings, and get lost in a vicious cycle of yo-yo dieting. The best way to avoid this pitfall is by consuming your carbs in moderation. No one knows your body better than you do. If you’re feeling sluggish or tired, you might be too low on carbs. Finding a balance is key to maintaining your diet and staying healthy.

From lowering triglycerides to losing weight, there are many rewards to consuming fewer carbohydrates. The best way to avoid making common mistakes along the way is to get educated about health and fitness. When you know better, you’ll eat better! Z.E.N. Foods is here to help you access the information and foods you need to live a healthier life. In addition to the resources from our Wellness blog, we offer meal plans to get you started and help you stay on track!

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