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5 Reasons Why You Should Start Adding Tomato Juice To Your Diet

a glass of tomato juice sits with a sliced tomato with salt and other green healthy leafs on a wooden table

In a world full of nutrition experts and businesses advertising the next big secret on weight loss and healthy eating, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by all the online noise and information. That’s why we’re taking it back to the basics with a simple, classic beverage that has stood the test of time (and for a good reason!) — tomato juice.

Of the many nutritious juice options on the market, tomato juice is one of the most nutrient-rich and healing beverages you can consume.

The Facts: Tomato Juice Benefits

The health benefits of tomato juice are encouraging — the juicy red fruit packs a punch and is healthy and safe to consume daily. Here are a few more benefits of tomato juice to persuade you to start drinking it:

  • First, get a boost of vitamins and minerals.

    Drinking one cup of tomato juice daily is all you need to hit the recommended intake of Vitamin C and nearly all your body needs of Vitamin A. Moreover, Vitamin A is also rich in magnesium, potassium, and Vitamin B. This makes it beneficial for you to take each day.

  • Reduce inflammation in the body

    Antioxidants like lycopene are in tomato juice, providing essential protection to the body’s cells against free radicals. In turn, staying strong and healthy will help reduce your body’s risk of inflammation.

  • Protect the brain and bones

    They don’t call it a superfood for anything!

    Lycopeneleaves bone cells firmer for a more extended period; essentially, Lycopeneleaves slow the death of bone cells. In addition, protecting the brain in older adults can also decrease seizures and memory loss for older folks.

  • Reduce the risk of serious diseases

    Not only does lycopene protects and defends the body from the growth of specific cancer cells.

    Although more research needs to be done, doctors alike are very optimistic about what lycopene can do for those who have cancer, and heart disease.

  • Protect skin from sunburn

    It doesn’t even seem possible. But it is. Protecting your skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays is essential. And no, we aren’t recommending drinking tomato juice and going outside without sunscreen. But it’s a helpful tool to have in your back pocket.


The Healing Benefits of Tomato Juice

Lycopene, the powerhouse ingredient in tomato juice, is a plant nutrient that gives the tomato it’s vivid red coloring.

Aside from reducing inflammation in the body, lycopene has terrific healing benefits. Lycopene is an antioxidant that helps prevent oxidative stress in the body, which can contribute to many serious diseases. However, when oxidative stress is non-existent or unsubstantial, the human body balences out and becomes healthy.

In addition to preventing oxidative stress and damage caused by free radicals, lycopene can prevent numerous heart diseases. It also reduces harmful cholesterol levels and, in turn, prevents complications in the body and helps raise good cholesterol levels. Moreover, if you are susceptible to severe heart disease or want to get more fiber into your diet, you should start with tomato juice.

For more information on the powerhouse fruit and why it belongs in your diet, check out our glowing (skin) review of tomatoes.

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