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5 of The Best Foods For Weight Loss

best foods for weight loss

It’s easy to name several foods that are bad for your weight. But did you know there are several foods out there that can be beneficial to your weight loss goals? By incorporating these foods into your everyday meal plan, you can say goodbye to unsatisfying diet food and focus on these five foods which are the best foods for weight loss.

The 5 Best Foods for Weight Loss 


A recent study compared the effects of eating either an egg or bagel in the morning for breakfast. The study looked at factors such as food intake, the level of hunger felt afterward, and overall satisfaction. They also looked at various health aspects such as insulin and blood sugar levels, as well as the level of ghrelin, a hormone that promotes hunger, in the body. It was found that those who ate eggs instead of bagels were less hungry and felt more satisfied up to 3 hours later than those who ate bagels. The study also revealed that those who eat eggs had fewer changes in their insulin and blood sugar levels, and they also had lower ghrelin levels. 


Oatmeal is a heart-healthy food that contains more fiber and less sugar than cold breakfast cereals. You can add fresh fruit or cinnamon to create your own customized flavor. And the instant varieties are very quick and easy to prepare. Studies on oatmeal showed that participants felt fuller longer after they ate the warm breakfast food instead of other common options. By eating something that will fill you up for breakfast, you are less likely to eat as much for lunch later in the day. 

Beans and Chickpeas 

Beans, peas, lentils, and chickpeas can help influence your weight loss because of the effect they have on your appetite. They can make you feel full so that you won’t eat as much afterward. They also have a high fiber and protein content. Like oatmeal, beans and chickpeas contain soluble fiber that can help slow down the absorption of food and aid in digestion. And studies have shown that people who include these foods in their diet plans tend to have a greater weight loss than those who do not. 


Nuts are another good diet food option that is packed with protein and other nutrients and can help people lose more weight. They can also help improve cholesterol, triglyceride, and blood sugar levels. They are energy-dense food and can be a significant part of a healthy diet. A recent study found that people who eat nuts on a regular basis gained less weight during a 5 year period than those who did not consume nuts at all. 


Avocados are a healthy fruit option that contains fiber and good fats. They can be used in a number of recipes to add a flavorful touch to everything from salads to wraps. Incorporating avocados into your diet plan can help promote weight loss and healthy weight management. 

A study on avocados found that Americans who consumed the fruit frequently weighed less and had a lower BMI than those who did not. Those who eat avocado often tend to eat more fruits, vegetables, and other high fiber foods as well. Because of their overall healthier diet, these people also have a much lower risk of developing serious health issues such as Type 2 diabetes. 

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