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5 Healthy Alternatives to a Crash Diet

crash diet

A crash diet is a form of dieting that causes more harm to the body than good. Many of us want to see fast results from dieting, but hurting our bodies to get to that point is not the way to go. Instead of crash dieting, there are other methods that will help you lose weight. 

What Is a Crash Diet 

A crash diet is far from healthy. Many try a crash diet because they show speedy results. However, this crash diet will push your body to a point where it will begin to fight back. Essentially, a crash diet involves diets that have you consuming a minimal amount of food. This diet may seem effective, but the moment you start to eat normally again, you will gain back the weight you lost during your crash diet. Due to the small portions you are consuming, you will miss out on vitamins and nutrients that your body needs. 

Alternative #1: Control Your Portions

Over the years, there has been a huge increase in portions. Many meals that are served to us at restaurants could feed two instead of one. By practicing portion control, you can greatly reduce your calorie intake. The following guidelines apply to those who are within a normal BMI: In terms of fruit, you should consume only about a cup per day. Ensure that this cup is no larger than your fist. In a meal, the amount of cheese served should be around an ounce, which is the same size as your thumb (from the base to the tip). For poultry, fish or meat, it should be the size of your palm, which is about 3-5 ounces each meal depending on your weight and height. When including nuts in a meal, one to two ounces of nuts will be as large as your hands when cupped together. 

Alternative #2: Replace Desserts With Fruit 

One of the hardest parts of a diet is letting go of sweets. Most of us have some form of a sweet tooth, and some of us might rely on desserts to get us through a bad day. Berries and other fruits, however, are just as sweet as many different desserts. The difference? They are much healthier for you. Instead of ice cream, go for a bowl of berries. These berries have healthy antioxidants, as well as low amounts of calories and fat. 

Alternative #3: Exercise Weekly

A crash diet will show quick results, but these results are quickly undone once normal food is consumed again. Instead, to achieve a healthier lifestyle and body, experts recommend that you exercise for about 150 minutes per week. During this time, you would also want to maintain a healthy diet. Exercise may show slower results, but it will keep the fat off your body much more effectively than a dangerous crash diet. 

Alternative #4: Focus on Whole Foods 

Reducing the amounts of saturated and trans fats will help lead you towards a better, healthy diet. Replace your typical junk foods with whole foods instead. A whole foods diet is much safer than a crash diet, as it does not limit any of the food groups. This means that your body will receive all of the necessary nutrients and vitamins it needs to flourish. 

Alternative #5: Swap Out Soda

There are 39 grams of sugar in one 12 oz can of soda. It takes 30-45 minutes to walk off that much sugar. Instead of drinking soft drinks, switch to water or low-sugar carbonated water. If you really can’t let go of soda, switch to the low-sugar or diet version of your favorite flavor. 

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