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3 Potential Benefits of the Primal Diet

A spread of delicious, fresh food adhering to the principles of the Primal diet.

Exploring alternatives is all the rage in the health and wellness sphere. Experts frequently question social norms that are related to nutrition, exercise, and one’s overall well-being. Most recently, there’s been an emphasis on returning to the basics. Enter the primal diet.

Health professionals have begun to explore nutrition in a way that connects us to primal notions of health. This is exactly the case with the primal diet. Let’s take a look at what the primal diet entails, and explore some of its benefits.

What’s Included in a Primal Diet Food List

The primal diet places an emphasis on the eating habits of our hunter-gatherer predecessors. This means high protein and fat with low-level carbohydrates. The primal diet food list encourages animal meats, vegetables, and healthy fats from both animals and plants. 

Healthy fats of this diet include avocado oil, coconut oil, olive oil, and various nut oils. Full-fat dairy products are also accepted in moderation. Processed oils and sweeteners are discouraged when it comes to primal diet nutrition. 

In addition, primal diets encourage color in your variety of foods, especially those that are naturally occurring. A high vegetable content is encouraged to bring natural fibers and vitamins to your nutrition. 

While fruits contain beneficial micronutrients, they are consumed in moderation due to their high carb content. Spices are also important as they help to break down nutrients and add flavor as well. 

Three Potential Benefits of Primal Diets

While there are different opinions regarding primal diets, many individuals seem to vouch for this popular lifestyle choice. In fact, there are quite a few health benefits that come with the change. Let’s explore the benefits of primal diets. 

Weight Loss

Because of the primal diet’s high-protein, low-carb nutrition focus, many individuals may see a boost in weight loss. With a low concentration of carbohydrates, energy is received primarily from healthy unsaturated fats. Primal diets mirror a period before agriculture when processed carbs were not readily available. This results in a leaner physique powered by natural fats.  

Heart Health

The primal diet is also said to support heart health. Nutritional science has shifted away from the stance that saturated fats and cholesterol are inherently bad for your heart. This specified diet considers them good in moderation, as they support healthy nutrient absorption in the body. Overall, diets containing high protein, low carbohydrates, and necessary fats, are supportive of healthy heart function.

Can Possibly Lower Risk of Diabetes

Because the primal diet consists mostly of low-carbohydrates and unprocessed sugars, participants place themselves in a low-risk category for diabetes. Although evidence-based research is mixed, it is possible that the primal diet maintains blood sugar and insulin levels. This notion broadens the scope of individuals that can benefit from primal diet nutrition standards. 

Is the Primal Diet Right for You?

If you’re looking to simplify your eating habits and make cleaner choices, the primal diet may be a viable option. This is a lifestyle change that resists the temptations of high-carb foods and processed sugars. 

Although sacrifice is involved, the benefits of choosing primal diets include increased energy, heart health, and nutrient-rich nourishment. When it comes to health, these benefits surely outweigh the cons. The primal diet could be right for you, but it’s always a good idea to consult with a professional beforehand.

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