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Z.E.N. Family Meals

Source: Genlux Magazine

A new Zen way to look at healthy food home delivery for the entire family. I first learned about Zen Foods through my children’s pediatrician, Dr. Peter Waldstein. He is the esteemed Pediatrician to the Stars. He was present at the deliveries of both of our children. I trust him with my life. I could not have been the Mother I am through all of these years without him. Especially taking those 1am phone calls – administering the exact treatment that was needed – no matter what it took. On top of all of that, he would then talk me down and assure me that everything was going to be OK. He did this so many times I could not even count on ten fingers and ten toes!

So when Dr. Peter first told me about Z.E.N. – Zero Effort Nutrition – I was elated. I knew that he knew exactly what the proper nutrition for my children and me (for that matter) would be – especially during the growth spurts. I first tried it for myself as I needed to get back on track with my nutrition. I absolutely LOVED the food! The portions were quite large and the quality of food was amazing – super fresh! I also knew that the Zen aspect was putting good and healthful intentions into what I was eating.

After a week I noticed my skin was glowing – everyone was asking what beauty treatment I had done and I honestly had to tell them the truth – it was my Z.E.N. Foods DIET. I also noticed that I had trimmed down quite a bit in a week and was truly baffled as I was eating so much and had never experienced that before. Losing weight by eating more food that is simply delicious – I usually had to deprive myself of foods I loved before a big red carpet event.

I am aware that there is an entire scientific philosophy to this – frequent meals with the proper amount of carbs, protein fat etc. However, all I really needed to know was that I was eating exactly the right thing for my health – I did not have to think about it. The Z.E.N. Foods Diet took all of the guess work out of diet and nutrition. They deliver the food to my mailbox every night in a well-concealed iced food bag. Then I have my housekeepers place it on a plate at meal times and Voila! My children started picking at the foods and loved it so much that I needed to order the Z.E.N. Family Meals! The ladies who work in my house are delighted as well – less time for them in the kitchen which frees them up to do other things.

The only problem with Z.E.N. Foods is they do not have an office in Mexico – I have tried to get my well seasoned chef at the beach to imitate the Z.E.N. Food meal plans, but there is no luck in that. Nothing can replace Z.E.N. Foods – even if you try. Looks like I am going to have to wait for my Z.E.N. Foods upon my arrival back to Los Angeles. I am filled with gratitude for all Dr. Peter does for our family – especially the Z.E.N. Family Meals plan. This is another element that is so important and life changing for all. I asked the kind and Zen folks at Z.E.N. Foods to explain the meal plan and concept: here is what they told me:

“Cooking, much less healthy cooking, is a task in itself, especially if you have to consider the varied tastes of parents and picky children. It can be nearly impossible to make everyone happy. Z.E.N. Foods now offers an array of healthy dinners at an affordable price delivered directly to your door. It’s perfect for working moms and dads who not only have full days, but also spend at least a few evenings a week taking the kids to games, dance class and many other activities.

The world has changed quite a bit since we were kids. Most moms don’t have the luxury to stay home and take the time to prepare healthy meals for the family. Even if you only choose two or three day per week, Z.E.N. Dinners can be a priceless advantage for you and your family. Now you can have that extra hour or two every day that you usually spend mulling through grocery aisles, cooking and cleaning up afterwards.

Not be overlooked, is the fact that one of the most important benefits to family meals is good nutrition. A balanced diet will help your child grow up healthy, and family meals are a great way to establish good eating habits. Family meals are much more than a time for kids to sit at the same table with siblings and parents. Kids take comfort in family ritual and eating dinner together on a regular basis is a routine they can count on.

Dinnertime may be one of the only opportunities when children get to talk with their parents without a lot of other distractions, including TV, internet and video games. In fact, research shows dinner conversation boosts a child’s vocabulary, which can translate into improved academic performance down the road. Spending quality time with your children allows them to model your behavior, which is necessary for instilling good manners.

Eating together offers children the experience of see their parents eat a variety of foods, too. Experts say that eating family meals together fosters closeness, and time spent together is what really matters. As children grow up, it will only get harder to gather everyone around the table for dinner, so take advantage of this time in your child’s life and try to have as many meals together as possible. Eating healthy meals together can now be done a couple nights each week with…Zero Effort!”

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