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Brittny Gastineau - The Diet That Works - Z.E.N. Foods

The Diet That Works

Source: Life & Style Magazine

Brittny’s Smart Slimdown: “How I lost 10 lbs. in Six Weeks”

Brittny Gastineau knew she had started “emotionally eating,” but the model didn’t realize how bad things had gotten until she saw an unflattering red carpet photo of herself this past fall. “I was going through a really rough time,” she recalls. “I was so upset to see how I’d let myself go.” Brittny, 32, felt even worse when she got on the scale and discovered she’d hit 145 pounds. “I knew it was time to lose weight,” she says. Setting “reasonable” goal- to lose 10 pounds -the 5-foot-9 best friend of Kim Kardashian turned to the gourmet delivery service Z.E.N. for help.


The first line of attack with delivery diet such as Z.E.N. is making portion control a no-brainer. “They put me on a high-protein, 1,200-calories-a-day plan and dropped the meals on my doorstep,”Brittny explains. “It couldn’t be easier.”And with menus that include buck wheat pancakes and chocolate-hazelnut brownies,she adds, “] didn’t feel like ] was dieting.”While studies show delivery diets have a high success rate, you can also got he DIY route; Prepare and freeze balanced meals similar to Brit’s Z.E.N. plan(below), building around lean proteins,healthy carbs and monounsaturated fats.The key is to always have healthy, portion-controlled fare at the ready. Now thatBrit’s dropped two dress sizes in six weeks,”I feel more confident,” she says. “I love walking around naked! And I’m proud that I lost the weight responsibly.”

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