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Healthy people take Z.E.N. approach to food

Source: The Acorn Newspaper

“Eating clean” is a diet philosophy that promotes lean protein, complex carbohydrates and healthy fats along with smaller meals that are consumed more frequently throughout the day. The advantages of “eating clean” include managing weight issues, stabilizing blood sugar, improving insulin levels, increasing energy and other benefits.

But maintaining good eating habits can be a challenge due to hectic schedules. One solution is provided by Zero Effort Nutrition L.P., which recently launched a meal delivery service under the brand ZEN Foods.

With its new service, Z.E.N. Foods has demonstrated that “eating clean” can be virtually effortless by simply ordering clean, nutritionally balanced and portion-controlled meals, including breakfast, lunch, dinner, a snack and a dessert, delivered daily to customers’ home or office.

Mariana Rossano, president and CEO of Zero Effort Nutrition, said, “‘Eating clean’ is not a diet but instead a lifestyle that enhances the way you look and feel. Unfortunately, people are too busy to spend the time and effort to shop for the right ingredients and then cook the food properly, but now we will do it all for you.”

Z.E.N. Foods’ menu is rotated seasonally, using the freshest ingredients available. It is monitored by nutritionists and dietitians to ensure that every meal is balanced and portioned properly.

Meg Moreta, nutritionist and consultant for ZEN Foods, said, “Consuming correctly portioned meals every three hours has tremendous health benefits, so we measure everything that goes into every meal carefully.”

According to Z.E.N. Foods client Katrina L. of Tarzana, “I started ZEN in May and am amazed I lost 11 pounds in 30 days. I love the food, and at age 52 I feel like I am 30 again. I have so much energy.”

ZEN Foods delivers to most areas within Los Angeles County. The company provides consumers with daily meal delivery service. Several meal programs are available, and all programs can be tailored to meet individual needs. Visit or call (818) 764-9368.

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