lean and clean paleo lifestyle program

Z.E.N. is my go to plan through the years and it had helped keep me in check with my diet. The cool thing was they customized my diet to my needs, whether I needed to bulk up or slim down for a role, like the Lucky one. They even delivered to me on the set. The food was always fresh and delicious, and it’s extremely convenience for my crazy schedules. Thank you Z.E.N.!

Zac Efron
Actor, The Lucky One

what does the paleo program include?

Every Paleo plan is designed for complete daily nutrition and enjoyment.
A temperature-controlled cooler bag is delivered to your door each morning with Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, a Snack and Dessert. Here is a sample menu for a day of Paleo Program:

Mushroom Frittata with Tomato Slice

Bison Burger with Grilled Vegetables

Buffalo Chicken Tenders with Celery and Carrots

Herb Roasted Turkey Breast with Butternut Squash Compote and Greenbeans

Chocolate Nutty Bar

A Z.E.N. consultant is available to work with you when placing each order and will help design your plan based on the foods you love and the lifestyle goals you have set.

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reap the benefits of the paleo lifestyle program

Our Paleo program is designed and prepared by expert chefs to bring you wholesome dishes for every meal of the day. All meals are 100% compliant with the Paleo diet standards.


The Paleo diet is inspired by the natural, unprocessed, hunt-and-gather style meals that our ancestors enjoyed.

  • Grass-fed meats, wild-caught fish, and pasture-raised poultry
  • Organic fruits and vegetables
  • No refined sugars, artificial ingredients, or dairy

Studies conducted by Dr. Loren Cordain strongly demonstrate the positive effects of the Paleo diet, including healthy weight loss and gaining lean muscle, increased athletic performance and prowess, and improved focus and mental clarity.


The weekly Paleo menu is carefully designed by expert chefs and nutritionists, prepared fresh daily, and delivered to your door. If you have a question about the ingredients in our Paleo diet, please call our Z.E.N. nutrition consultants at (310) 205-9368.

View Paleo sample menu


Z.E.N. Foods programs are designed to work with your schedule and lifestyle. When you place your order, you can choose the days you want to receive each delivery. And it’s easy to make changes to your schedule too – all deliveries can be rescheduled with a 3-business-day notice.

how does it work?

Place your order

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Delivered to your home / Enjoy

Your first delivery will be made in just 3 business days. Every entrée can be heated in under 2 minutes with a microwave or under 7 minutes in mini-convection oven.

Return the empty cooler

Place the empty Z.E.N. cooler and ice packs out on the day of your next scheduled delivery. Our driver will collect the empty coolers when your next delivery is made.

program pricing

Delivery dates can be spaced out to work with your schedule.

(best value!)
  • $65.95/day
  • + delivery*
  • $68.95/day
  • + delivery*
  • $70.95/day
  • + delivery*

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* Delivery fee ranges from $6 per day to $15 per day depending on ZIP code

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