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“Z.E.N. Foods has been an absolute game changer for me and my family. I have tried nearly every home delivery service available here in Los Angeles. From the first week we started receiving Z.E.N. Foods, I knew this was a perfect fit.”

Jaime King

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what does the weight loss program include?

Every weight loss plan is designed for complete daily nutrition and enjoyment.
A temperature-controlled cooler bag is delivered to your door each morning with Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, a Snack and Dessert. Here is a sample menu for a day of Weight Loss Program:

A photo of Egg Scramble with Turkey Sausage and Fruit

Egg Scramble with Turkey Sausage and Fruit

A photo of the sample lunch, Quinoa and Vegetable Salad

Quinoa and Vegetable Salad

A photo of the sample snack, Beef Skewers with Peanut Sauce

Beef Skewers with Peanut Sauce

A photo of a sample dinner, Teriyaki Salmon with Baby Carrots and Edamame

Teriyaki Salmon with Baby Carrots and Edamame

A photo of a sample dessert, Black Forest Cupcake

Black Forest Cupcake

Los Angeles’s Delicious Calorie-Controlled Meals

Our premier weight loss programs are designed by expert Los Angeles nutritionists and tailored to meet your dietary needs and individual tastes. Delicious calorie-controlled meals make your weight-loss goals easier to achieve than ever before.


Our Los Angeles expert chefs and in-house nutrition team will carefully design your weekly menu, but you have complete control to customize your meal selections with Z.E.N. Select. Once you’ve placed your order, simply sign in to your personal account and visit the Z.E.N. Select page to choose your favorite meals. Every meal is prepared fresh daily and delivered directly to your door!

View Z.E.N. Select Meal Choices


Z.E.N. Foods programs are designed to work with your schedule and busy L.A lifestyle. When you place your order, you can choose the days you want to receive each delivery. And it’s easy to make changes to your schedule too – all deliveries can be rescheduled with a 3-business-day notice.

how does it work?

Place your order

Click here to choose an option and place your order. Our consultants are also standing by at (310) 205-9368 if you have any questions. You can sign into your account and start designing your menu via Z.E.N. Select after checkout.

Delivered to your home / Enjoy

Your first delivery will be made in just 4 business days. Every entrée can be heated in under 2 minutes with a microwave or under 7 minutes in mini-convection oven.

Return the empty cooler

Place the empty Z.E.N. cooler and ice packs out on the day of your next scheduled delivery. Our driver will collect the empty coolers when your next delivery is made.

weight loss program options

Choose an option that works for you. You can decide what days of the week you’d like to receive the deliveries during checkout.

A day of ZEN Foods includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, a snack and dessert.
  • Standard Option

  • Breakfast + Lunch + Dinner + Snack + Dessert
  • Female: ~1,200 Calories*
    Male: ~1,800 Calories*
  • starting at:
  • $55.95/day
  • + delivery**

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3 meal plus 2 snacks per day option is available
  • 3-Meal Option
    Plus 2 Snacks

  • Breakfast + Lunch + Dinner + 2 Snacks
  • Female: ~1,200 Calories*
    Male: ~1,800 Calories*
  • starting at:
  • $55.95/day
  • + delivery**

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3 Meal Plan includes breakfast, lunch and dinner per day.
  • 3 Meal Option

  • Breakfast + Lunch + Dinner
  • Female: ~900 Calories*
    Male: ~1,500 Calories*
  • starting at:
  • $47.45/day
  • + delivery**

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2 meal plan that includes breakfast and lunch
  • 2 Meal Option

  • Breakfast + Lunch
  • Female: ~550 Calories*
    Male: ~900 Calories*
  • starting at:
  • $31.45/day
  • + delivery**

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2 meal plan that includes breakfast and dinner
  • 2 Meal Option

  • Breakfast + Dinner
  • Female: ~600 Calories*
    Male: ~1,000 Calories*
  • starting at:
  • $37.45/day
  • + delivery**

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2 meal plan that includes lunch and dinner
  • 2 Meal Option

  • Lunch + Dinner
  • Female: ~650 Calories*
    Male: ~1,100 Calories*
  • starting at:
  • $43.45/day
  • + delivery**

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* The actual calories intake will be based on your dietary requriement and your physical condition.
** Delivery fee ranges from $8 per day to $15 per day depending on ZIP code

Intermittent Fasting Options

These options are designed to work with Intermittent Fasting Regimen.
You can decide how many days you want and what days of the week you’d like to receive the deliveries during checkout.
Learn more about Intermittent Fasting and its schedules in our Wellness Blog

Intermittent Fasting Option 1 includes breakfast, lunch and a snack.
  • Breakfast, Lunch,
    and 1 Snack

  • Female: 700 – 800 Calories*
    Male: 1,050 – 1,200 Calories*
  • starting at:
  • $35.85/day
  • + delivery**

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Intermittent Fasting Option 2 includes lunch, dinner and a snack.
  • Lunch, Dinner,
    and 1 Snack

  • Female: 800 – 1,000 Calories*
    Male: 1,250 – 1,350 Calories*
  • starting at:
  • $47.85/day
  • + delivery**

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Intermittent Fasting Option 3 includes breakfast, dinner and a snack.
  • Breakfast, Dinner
    and 1 Snack

  • Female: 750 – 950 Calories*
    Male: 1,150 – 1,300 Calories*
  • starting at:
  • $41.85/day
  • + delivery*

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* The actual calories intake will be based on your dietary requirement and your physical condition.
** Delivery fee ranges from $8 per day to $15 per day depending on ZIP code

design your own menu

Design your menu from over 50 different dishes that we freshly prepared every day.

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Let’s keep it real here, weight loss is difficult. Even if you can find the time and energy to exercise regularly, you still have to be careful about what you eat, which can be a hassle. You find yourself constantly counting calories and having to eat bland foods that you think are good for you. But what if it didn’t have to be like that? That’s where Z.E.N. Foods enters the picture with a weight loss plan that’s easy to follow, convenient for your busy life, and includes food that actually tastes good. Best of all, it’s a diet that’s proven to be effective. Sounds like a dream, but with the Z.E.N. Foods Weight Loss Program, it’s as easy as giving us a call.

No Need to Cook

The Burden of Cooking

Be honest, do you really enjoy cooking? Sure, it can be nice now and then when you have people over and you want to show off a little and make good use of your kitchen. But it can be a hassle having to cook on a daily basis. You have to gather all of your ingredients together, figure out how they all go together and then spend 30 or 40 minutes, sometimes an hour, waiting for them to cook in the oven – and hoping it all turns out right. Most nights, it’s more of a burden than anything else. No wonder people prefer to go out to restaurants or have food delivered to their Los Angeles home, letting professional chefs who love to cook do the hard work.

The Ease of Food Delivery

Of course, eating out at restaurants every night can make it difficult to stick to your diet and meet your weight loss goals. This is where Z.E.N. Foods comes to the rescue with the best of both worlds. Rather than breaking your diet by going out to eat, you can stay home and have your healthy meals delivered by Z.E.N. Foods without having to do any cooking. And every meal is ready in 3 minutes or less.

The best part is there is no reading recipes, no gathering ingredients, and no effort trying to throw together a decent meal on your own. Once the delivery arrives at your Los Angeles home, the most you’ll ever have to do is stick your meal in the microwave. Z.E.N. Foods is the perfect weight loss meal delivery system. All of your meals are delivered fully prepared – just heat it up and you’re good to go.

Getting Weight Loss Meals in Los Angeles

Skip the Grocery Store

Grocery shopping can be another annoying chore that goes hand-in-hand with cooking. In Los Angeles, it can be especially bad if you have to fight traffic and travel a long way just to get to the store. On top of that, you have to make out a list, find the time in your busy schedule to get to the store, and then go searching throughout the store for every possible ingredient you’ll need to make a week’s worth of dinners. At the end of it, you have to walk through the check-out lane, passing by all of those candy bars and potential impulse purchases that aren’t compliant with your weight loss diet. It’s entrapment, and it’s not exactly the most efficient way to follow your diet. Wouldn’t it be easier just to have all of your meals delivered?

Diet Delivery System

Fortunately, Z.E.N. Foods has you covered. We help you skip that annoying trip to the grocery store by delivering all of your meals to you. It doesn’t matter if you’re at home or at work, our diet meals can be delivered anywhere in Los Angeles. When you call us to set up your plan, you let us know when and where you want your meals delivered. We can even change our delivery schedule if you have changes in your schedule. Rather than having to find the time to go shopping or worrying that you’ll forget to get something at the store, Z.E.N. Foods will plan out your meals ahead of time and have your weight loss meals delivered anywhere in Los Angeles. Soon, those regular trips to the grocery store will be a thing of the past.

Delicious Weight Loss Meals in Los Angeles

Tasty Diet Meals

If you’re like most people, you’ve probably shied away from diets in the past because you don’t want to force yourself into bland and boring foods. To be fair, that’s a reasonable stance to take. For most people, food is about taste first and nutrition second. But Z.E.N. Foods doesn’t think you have to sacrifice one over the other; you can have both. Out weight loss plans are designed to find the right balance between nutrition and taste. We look at both your weight loss goals and the foods you like to eat when planning out your meals. After all, most people won’t stick to their diet if they don’t like the food you’re eating. For that reason, we make sure your taste buds stay happy and routinely surprised.

Weight Loss Meals Made Right

Imagine starting your day with a breakfast of scrambled eggs, fruit, and a side of turkey sausage. At lunchtime, you get to enjoy a quinoa and vegetable salad. When you start to get hungry in the afternoon, you get to snack on beef skewers in a delightful peanut sauce. Once the sun goes down, your dinner is a beautiful cut of teriyaki salmon accompanied by edamame and baby carrots. Finally, the day ends with a black forest cupcake for dessert.

Does all that sound like the kind of meals you would eat at a five-star resort? Well, it’s not. It’s just one example of a day in the Z.E.N. Foods weight loss plan. Ready for delivery anywhere in Los Angeles, our world-class chefs work with licensed nutritionists to create meals that are both delicious and have a reasonable amount of calories to help keep you on target to meet your weight loss goals. They work hard to make sure the diet meals delivered to you satisfy your taste buds without breaking your diet.

Plenty of Variety

Diet Meals That Taste Good

Another annoying thing about diets is that most of the time you end up eating the same old things day after day. After a while, you figure out that you only like a couple of different dishes that actually allow you to stick to your diet. Of course, it doesn’t take long for you to grow bored with eating those two meals all the time. Sooner or later, you break your diet just so you can eat something different. Well, at Z.E.N. Foods, we’ve considered this possibility and come up with a plan to work around it.

Endless Weight Loss Meals to Choose

For our weight loss plan, we have such a wide variety of calorie-controlled meal options that you’ll never be stuck eating the same one or two dishes every day. Our breakfast options include eggs, muffins, French toast, pancakes, and even a breakfast burrito, not to mention plenty of fruits. For lunches, there are may salads to choose, as well as soup, and even burgers and stir-fry. At dinner time, there are over a dozen tasty options, including chicken, pork, pasta, fish, turkey chili, and even a vegetable risotto option. There’s even plenty of variety for our snack and dessert options, all of which are tasty and will help you keep your daily calorie count down.

Weight Loss Meals Delivered in Los Angeles

Of course, we’re not going to make you eat anything you don’t want to. We offer so many different options in the hopes that you’ll try everything once and then decide what dishes you like the best. But since our chefs do such a great job creating these meals, we think you’ll enjoy most of them, which makes it easy to maintain a diet that’s healthy and has plenty of variety. Ultimately, you’ll work with one of our consultants to customize a meal plan that fits your taste in food and is in line with your weight loss goals. All you have to do is let us know what you like and your weight loss meals will be delivered to you anywhere in Los Angeles.

Follow the Leaders

Proven Food Delivery Service

We know you want to forge your own path in life, but it’s hard not to follow in the footsteps of all of the people who have had success accomplishing their weight loss goals with the help of Z.E.N. Foods. It starts at the top with people like Heisman Trophy winner and long-time NFL running back Marcus Allen, who has been a key advisor for Z.E.N. Foods since 2009. Obviously, he knows a thing or two about the importance of eating healthy, and his input regarding healthy weight loss plans has been invaluable.

Weight Loss Food Delivery for Los Angeles

Then there are the countless people, including many Los Angeles-based celebrities, who have used Z.E.N. Foods to help them maintain a healthy lifestyle. Actress Carrie-Ann Moss used Z.E.N. Foods to get back down to her normal weight after giving birth. Model and former Miss USA runner-up Shanna Moakler reached her weight loss goals by using the Z.E.N. Foods delivery service. There are countless others, including Zac Efron, Vanessa Hudgens, Denise Richards, and Kris Jenner who have found a diet they like with the help of Z.E.N. Foods while also enjoying the convenience of having all of their meals delivered to their home.