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Why now may be the perfect time to start one of these diet delivery plans

December 5, 2016

Source:LA Times

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By Melinda Fulmer

The hustle and stress of the holidays can throw even the most virtuous eaters off course their diet delivery plans.

You could take some of the cooking and grocery shopping — and some of the season’s inevitable temptations — off your plate with a healthy meal delivery service. And you might be able to beat back the binge and bloat.

Options range from nuke-it-yourself meals on your doorstep to cook-it-yourself kits, with all the pre-measured ingredients included, so shop around before you commit. We tried a bunch, and here are our favorites…

Zen Foods

One of L.A.’s more established meal delivery companies used by many in front of the camera, Zen has a three-meal-a-day plan for everyone including vegetarians, to paleo eaters and families. It offers pretty universally appealing light fare, such as orange roughy wraps, filet mignon, teriyaki salmon and salads, as well as a daily snack and healthy dessert, such as chocolate-covered strawberries or a paleo almond butter brownie. You pick your start date and choose your meals from the calorie-controlled options, and they are delivered each day. Just leave the insulated bag and ice packs out to be picked up the next day. I can honestly say I didn’t get hungry on this plan and enjoyed the treat at the end of the day.

Cost: $54.95 each day for a seven-day weight loss plan of three meals, a snack and dessert daily; $52.95 a day for a 20-day plan. The delivery fee ranges from $6 to $13 daily, depending on zip code. zenfoods.com

programs for all lifestyles

just dinners

Enjoy fresh healthy meals without the stress of shopping, cooking, or cleaning. Every dinner is ready in just minutes.

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weight loss

Lose weight the right way, with, calorie-controlled meals prepared fresh daily and delivered to your home.

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Get into the Paleo lifestyle, with grass-fed and pasture-raised proteins, organic vegetables and fruits, and absolutely no added sweeteners.

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healthy lifestyle

Eat clean and stay in shape with all natural meals prepared daily by expert chefs, and delivered to your home or office.

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Vegetarian Select program offers plenty of vegetarian and vegan entrées to keep your meals full of flavor and variety.

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De-stress your mind, detox and rejuvenate your body with our 3, 5, and 7-day cold-pressed juice cleanses.

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