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Paleo Diet Demystified

Is It Paleo? Demystifying One of the World’s Most Popular Diets

It seems that a new fad diet seems to come out every week. Some of these diets are based on scientific principles. Others... not so much. Some of these diets are helpful for pretty much everyone. Others are more targeted ...
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Common vegatrian diet mistakes and how to avoid them

The 4 Most Common Vegetarian Diet Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

About 7.3 million Americans are vegetarians with another 22.8 million following a "vegetarian-inclined" diet. For many, it is a long-term commitment with nearly 60 percent following it for over 10 years. People have many reasons for making this choice with ...
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Nuts, flax seeds, avocados, salmon and sardines contains healthy fat

What are healthy fats? And why are they important?

Fats get a bad rap. But if we expel our preconceived notions, we can unlock all the health benefits of what are known as "healthy fats," an essential addition to your diet. In fact, the health benefits of these healthy ...
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