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Tasty Abs with Z.E.N. Foods

Tasty Abs with Z.E.N. Foods

January 25, 2012

Source: Vital Juice

Can you get a hot body by eating this?

What do Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron have in common…besides High School Musical and buff bods? Turns out both slim celebs rave about Z.E.N. Foods (Zero Effort Nutrition Foods) home food delivery. Designed by top nutritionists, Z.E.N.’s calorie-controlled food is free of trans-fats, artificial sweeteners and preservatives, and designed to help you lose up to five pounds a week. But how do the waist-trimming dishes taste?

We asked our Vital Juice spy to put Z.E.N. Foods to the test: So, how was the food? Click here to find out.

Does it work for restrictive diets like gluten-free or dairy-free? Click here to find out.

How much weight did you lose? Click here to find out.

Talk about om-believable effects.

So, how was the food?

“My husband and I both tried Z.E.N. Foods for a week.

For breakfast, we loved the Greek baked omelet with oven baked tomatoes and oatmeal with walnuts, berries and coconut milk.

For lunch, our favorites were the chicken pad Thai with sautéed bean sprouts, turkey walnut salad with green apple vinaigrette and the Asian chicken lettuce wraps with ginger soy sauce.

My favorite dinner was the filet mignon with balsamic reduction sauce and roasted fingerling potatoes, fennel and asparagus. My husband loved the shepherd’s pie with steamed vegetables and the miso glazed cod with brown rice and Asian vegetables.

And while I chose to do a chocolate cleanse shake for my snacks and desserts, he devoured the fresh fruit parfaits, the sweet barbecued meatballs, dark chocolate almond cookie and the walnut brownie.”

Source: Vital Juice tester
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What about restricted diets like gluten-free or dairy-free?

“While I requested Z.E.N. Foods’ more restrictive diet of gluten-free and dairy-free options, my husband tried out the regular weight-loss plan. On the container, they’d write “substitute soy sour cream” and “substitute gluten-free tortilla” but I’d have never known that the food was any different otherwise. Food was delivered fresh daily except for the weekends when Saturday’s and Sunday’s meals came late on Friday night. We ate five times per day, it was always delicious and neither one of us felt like we were dieting.”

Source: Vital Juice tester
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How much weight did you lose?

“Before we started the program, Z.E.N. Foods asked me about my height and weight. While both my husband and I are very close to our ideal weight, we had a little extra padding from recent celebrations. And we lost a combined total of 8.5 pounds in just a week! I was shocked because I didn’t feel deprived at all.”

Source: Vital Juice tester
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