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Z.E.N. cold pressed juice cleanse

"The Z.E.N. Juice Cleanse is amazing, and I was full of energy the entire 3 days. The variety of juices are delicious! I have tried other juice cleanses and this is by far the best! After giving birth to my second child, it was the perfect program for me. I feel great and I'm ready to get back to work!"

Nia Long
Actor and mother

what are the Z.E.N. juice cleanses?


Rejuvenate is a delicious cleanse designed for those who desire a wide range of variety. The perfect mix of greens and fruits invite you to begin your day. End your day with the delicious protein energy tonic that kisses your hunger goodbye.

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Clean Greens

Clean Greens is a more intense cleanse. You still get a hint of fruit with powerful greens including Kale, Parsley, Arugula and Spinach, which offer anti-inflammatory, anti-aging and healing properties. Drinking Clean Greens is like unleashing pure power into your system.

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Juice Select

Juice Select puts you in control. Design your own juice cleanse by selecting whatever tempts your taste buds. Once you’ve placed your order, simply sign in to your personal account and visit the Z.E.N. Select page to choose your favorite juices.

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Reset, Restore and Revitalize Your Body

With Kimberly Zimmerman, a holistic health coach and a health food consultant's exceptional knowledge and guidance, Z.E.N. Foods developed juice cleanse programs that help your body reset. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned cleanser, we have a program for you.

Our all-natural/organic and locally-sourced cold-pressed juices contain powerful anti-aging ingredients and will help detox your body, reduce inflammation and build your immune system. Six incredibly delicious and nutritious juices will be delivered to your door each day. Each 16 oz. bottle contains 3-6 pounds of fruits and vegetables. As you absorb the raw, vital nutrients, you will feel energized and renewed.


Purchase a 3 Day Z.E.N. Rejuvenate Cold Pressed Juice Cleanse with an upgrade to Z.E.N. Spa Experience today! It’s only addtional $15/day. This Home Spa Experience package includes:
  • 6 cold pressed juices daily
  • One raw soup and a salad each day
  • Organic Turmeric Ginger Detox Tea
  • Himalayan Detox Bath Salt

Simply check the checkbox for upgrading to Z.E.N. Spa Experience in Step 2 when you are ordering the Rejuvenate Cleanse. Organic turmeric ginger tea and Himalayan detox bath salts will be included in the first day of the delivery. Please see the Welcome Packet in the welcome email that's sent to you after an order is placed for instructions on how to use Z.E.N. Spa Experience package.

how does it work?

Place your order

Choose a desired Juice Cleanse program and click the "Order Now" button. Our consultants are also standing by at (310) 205-9368 if you have any questions.

Delivered to your home / Enjoy

Your first delivery will be made in just 3 business days. Each day you will receive 6 juices. Consume your juices by the numbers marked on the bottles.

Return the empty cooler

Place the empty Z.E.N. cooler and ice packs out on the day of your next scheduled delivery. Our driver will collect the empty coolers when your next delivery is made.

Program Pricing

For best results, we recommend you cleanse with 3, 5 or 7 consecutive days.
However, delivery dates can be spaced out to work with your schedule.

  • $225
  • + delivery*
  • $75 per day
  • $375
  • + delivery*
  • $75 per day
  • $525
  • + delivery*
  • $75 per day

* Delivery fee ranges from $6 per day to $13 per day depending on ZIP code

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